7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 12

The Magazine of Art. (Cassell and Co.)—We may single out

for mention among the contents of this volume a good original etching by Mr. David Law, " Kilchurn Castle." Among the principal plates to which a special interest is given by their subjects, is Mons. G. A. Manchon's etching of G erard's painting of Madame Recamier, and Mr. F. S. Walker's original etching of Milton's cottage at Chalfont St. Giles. Some architectural articles may be mentioned,—Chantilly and Orissa. The numerous specimens of drawings, representing the work of many of our best artists, deserve a word of notice. Sir F. Leighton's studies, and the sketches, mostly designed for Punch, of Sir John Tenniel, are conspicuous among them. The current history of art and art- literature at home and abroad finds an adequate representation in this magazine.