7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 12

The Sunny Side of the Street. By E. Everett - Green. (R.T.S.) —

A very wholesome story is 'this, with a moral that young ladies who despise country life and think it banishment, and who think that refinement as well as excitement must be absent from bucolic scenes, should note. The heroine, one Viola de Grey, is sent down to an aunt's house to break off an undesirable attachment, and she is ready to pose as a martyr. The progress of the narrative reveals the gradual change which comes over her, and her con- version from selfishness to a higher ideal, after contact with one or two noble characters, and the story ends happily. The hero is

sure to fascinate young ladies, and he certainly makes a very passable ideal country squire. The story is readable, suited more to feminine readers, and one which we may commend to them without any hesitation.