7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 12

Torch - Bearers of History. By Amelia Hutchinson Stirling. (Nelson and Sons.)—This

double volume takes in the whole of history,—even, it may be said, as the Siege of Troy appears in it, a little more. However, Homer is duly described as" mythical," and we have no desire to deny that the myth contains history. The last sketches at the other end are of Clive and Washington. These sketches of great men of action and great thinkers will be found interesting and instructive. But why omit all mention of the Platieans at Marathon and the Thespians at Thermopylw ? The latter are especially worthy of praise, for they equalled the heroism of the Spartans without being bound by the same con- straining force of tradition. The "Thou, too, Brutus," in the account of Cwsar's death, is apocryphal. If Ctesar said anything it was Kai 011 TENVOY.