7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 18

Mr. Leeky is the chosen representative of the University of

Dublin, and a very admirable representative he will be. The poll was declared yesterday, when it appeared that he had received 750 votes in advance of Mr. Wright. It was a mis- take, we think, at such a time for the Irish barristers to put forward a candidate to compete with Mr. Lecky. And it was a mistake made in the very same spirit as that which is rending the Home-rule party into fragments. A man of Mr. Lecky's genius and literary eminence is a far better repre- sentative of Irish learning than a lawyer, however able and distinguished. And it was fatal to make a point of Mr. Lecky's being an absentee from Ireland, when he _has done so much more for Ireland and Irish history than the most prolonged residence within the island could possibly outweigh. Patriotism is not measured by geographical position, but rather by personal, historical, and political services.