7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 31


[To TER EDITOR Olr TER " SPECTATOR."' SIR,—In the Spectator of November 30th you say you do not know why Mr. Gace's Catechism is allowed to supersede the Church Catechism in Church-schools. Will you kindly permit me to say that it does not do so ? I had the honour of serving as Assistant Diocesan Inspector of Schools from 1878 to 1890, daring which time I examined some two hundred depart- ments every year in parishes which were under the charge of clergy of every shade of opinion within the Church, in all parts of Gloucestershire and North Wilts. I have never seen the work to this day, and I have never heard of any Church-school in which it was used; certainly, it MIA never offered as a subject for examination in any school which I inspected. Oddly enough, Nonconformists seem to study it a great deal more carefully than Church people do.—I am, Sir, &c.,