7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 38

Letts' Diaries (Cassell and Co.) are as varied in size,

shape, and cost as usual, and as nicely adapted to all varieties and magni- tudes of occupations. If your affairs are sufficiently large and important, you can have a book which gives to every day a page of foolscap size. On the other band, there are volumes which enable you to carry your memoranda for business and pleasure in your pocket. The smallest and cheapest gives a page for a week with dimensions in round numbers of 4 in. by 21, at a cost of sixpence. One of the most handy is the "Office Diary and Almanac;' with a page to the day, numbered "8." This is a well- got-up post-octavo volume bound in cloth ; No. 35, with three days to a page, is a very convenient volume of the "Bough and Commercial Series," same size and very cheap.