7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 14

ITO Trat Eprros or Tat "sewn:real Stn,—Was not the letter

of your correspondent, Mr. A. V. Magee, in the Spectator of November 30th written somewhat hurriedly? A reference to the Revised Version would show that the punctuation he so scornfully rejects was approved of by the Revisers. A further reference to a good commentary would have added the information that it was also adopted by Chrysostom, Beza, Bengel, and a host of other Bible- students. It is .possible, therefore, that the minister he blames, instead of being "slovenly," way have been a thoughtful reader, who desired above all things to convey the Apostle's real werds to the mourners assembled.—I am, 3ir, &c., A CratiOartilaN Or TRIRTY•FIVE YEARS' STA.NDIRG.