7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 15


[To THE EDITOR OF TUE "SPECTATOR"] SIE,—Win you permit me to traverse one statement in your excellent and kindly article in the Spectator of November 30th upon "Roads to Rome" ? The writer says that the Anglican Church is as much, if not more, the Church of the United States and Canada as the Church of Rome. It happens that within the last two months statistics of 'communicants have been taken in the United States by a non-Roman body. These statistics show eight million communicants in the Roman body, and under one million in the Anglican. One half the population of Canada professes the Roman faith, while the other half is divided among the numerous Pro- testant sects. The Anglican Church is undoubtedly the fashionable body in America, but away from the Eastern States it ceases to be prominent. Your reviewer is eminently right in saying that the Roman Church would attract more if she were less. scornful. On ne prend pas de mouches even du vinaigre,—bat perhaps her exclusiveness is at any rate