7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 2

The Vines of Saturday last contains further interesting arts from

Bismarck's correspondence in 1877 and 1878. These relate to the efforts made by Count Macke]: Von Doenersmark, then residing in Paris, to bring about a meet- ing between Gambetta and 'Bismarck. Count Henckel von Donnersmark was confident of his ability to induce Gambetta to visit Bismarck, privately or publicly, at' 'Voisin, with a view to re-establishing European confidence on the basis of a conjoint attitude between Germany and France against Rome; and a reciprocal understanding with regard to the Army Estimates. Bismarek, however, while professing his cordial, feelings towards Gambetta, was averse from taking any step that might compromise Glimbetta's position in France. "I attach too much importance to the preservation of his authority to facilitate any shock to it." Besides, he felt sure it would frighten the Emperor. It seems difficult to gainsay the justice of Bismarck's objections, but whatever may have -been the cause, they were suddenly removed. Negotiations were resumed through Count Henckel von Donneramark in- April, 1878, and only fell through at the last moment, Gambetta, from some unexplained' cause, holding back. Later on he visited Friedrichsruh incognito as a tourist in Bismarck's absence.