7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 24

' The Tory Lover. By Sarah Orne Jewett. (Smith, Elder,

and Co. 60.)—If Miss Orne Jewett's description of the old Colonial days invites comparison with Miss Johnson's books, they can stand the test ; and readers of the Atlantic Monthly will be glad to see this story again in book form. It begins in America in 1777 with the sailing of the ' Ranger ' to harry the English coast, under the famous pirate captain, Paul Jones. The plots and dissensions among the New Englanders and the miseries entailed by the war are skilfully turned into an interesting background for the three principal characters,—Mary Hamilton, the beautiful young patriot, Roger Wallingford, her "Tory lover," and Paul Jones. This sea-wolf strikes the imagination most. When his better nature was uppermost, he was a fine example of a chivalrous gentleman ; but at other times, and before his un- happy love for Mary Hamilton had softened him, he was as fierce and uncertain as an Atlantic storm. Roger sails under him as a lieutenant, in spite of the grumblings of some of the crew, who took on him as a loyalist spy ; and the villain of the book, one Dickson. contrives that he shall be wounded and taken prisoner in the first descent on England. When the news of this reaches America, his widowed mother and Mary Hamilton set off to attempt his release, for they have many friends and some interest in England. They land at Bristol, and the end of the plot is unravelled there, and at the New Passage. Miss Jewett's descriptions are very true to the character of the old city, and the heroine's pleasure in the smiling West Country is prettily told. Mary Hamilton is a fascinating creature, whose imperious viii led her into many an adventure.