7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 24


[Under this heading we notice such Books of ths wok as haws not his reserved for review in other forms.] William McKinley, Private and President. By Thomaa Cos Meech. (S. W. Partridge and Co. Is. 6d. net.)—The McKinley family came over to America from Antrim. One of them fought in the War of Independence ; William McKinley himself served in the Civil War in the 23rd Ohio. He was at Antietam, and there won his commission by a very serviceable piece of com- missariat work. At the conclusion of the war he was a Brevet. Major. But it is needless to follow the biographer. Most of us know the outline of President McKinley's life; here the details are filled in. Of course, the real biography is yet to come; meanwhile this should be a serviceable little volume.