7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 24

We have received two volumes, seasonable for a time when

many are "flying south," in the series of "Macmillan's Guides" (Macmillan anti Co.) These are Guide to the Western Madder- rawer' and Guide to the Eastern Mediterranean. The price of each volume is 98. net. Each volume has preliminary chapters in which "Yachting Notes," " Miscellaneous Information," and "Hotel List" are given. The "Eastern" volume contains "Salta and East Coasts of Italy," "Eastern Coast of the Adriatic," "Greece and the Greek Islands," "Constantinople," " Brusa," "Smyrna and Ephesus." The "Western" gives the Northern Coast of Africa, Malta, and all that lies to the west of it, excepting, of course, such part of the East Coast of Italy as is westward of the Malta longitude. The volumes are of a convenient size, and well supplied with maps and plans.