7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 24


Abbott (L.), The Rights of Man, cr 8vo Abdy (T.), Twinkling Stars, 4to

Addis (X. E. L.), Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys, 8vo 7/6*

Armstrong (H. E.), National Education Essays, 8vo (J. Murray) net 7/6 Arnott (S.), The Book of Bulbs, er 8vo (Lane) net 2/6 Ballad of Ms. Rook (The), written by "C. W. folio...(Smith & Elder) net 10;0 Ball (W. E.), St. Paul and the Roman Law, 8vo

Barlow (Jane). Ghost Bereft, with other Stories and Studies in Verse, 4"lar e;1201°) Si! (Smith & Elder net 3I6

Batchelor (J.), e Linn and their Folk Lore, Rvo Bell (R. S. W)., Tales of Greyhouse, or 8vo ) Th

Boston (T.), Human Nature and its Fourfold State, 12mo .......(.B (T.N(Re8wn.2) ne.See.1 237/16166 Bullen (F. T.), The Apostles of the South-East ......(Hodder & Stoughton) 6)0

Bute (Marquis of), Essays on Foreign Subjects, 8vo (A. G Christ's Christianity, by a Jewess, lEmo

Comments of a Countess (The), 8vo Gardner) 10/6 County Court Practice Made Easy, by a Solicitor, cr 8vo ...(E.WnekiSilsionwn°P)rthkinnet)) 632i600 (D De Tabby (Lord), Orpheu.s in Thrace, & other Poems (Smith & Elder) net 510 Dyson (E.), The Gold-Stealers, cr 8vo (Longmans) 6/0 Forrest (G. W.), Sepoy Generals : Wellington to Roberts (W Blackwood) 6/0

Garden of a Commuter's Wife (The), cr 8vo

Girdlestone (R. B.), The Grammar of Prophecy......(Eyre & Spo(Idacraillanttiswoode! :1°,6 Grant (Sadi), Folly at Cannes, cr 8vo (Digby & Long) 6/0

Gray (Melville), Ardnarigh : a Novel, cr 8vo

Gregory (J. W.), The Foundations of Britlah East Africa (H. Marshall) net 66:°° Gritiths (A.), A Bid for Empire, cr 8vo Haiusworth (F.), Borrell's Boy, Cr 8vo (Digby & Long) 61°. Hutchison (.I. W.). The Gospel Story of Jesus Christ, cr 8vo ...(DenDranet) net 6/631'u Killen (W. D.), Reminiscences of Long Life, cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) °I°

Lamed (G. R.), A Multitude of Counsellors, cr 8vo Lilley (J. P.), The Pastoral Epistles, cr 8vo

Lorne (Marquis of), V.R.I. Queen Victoria: her Life and7m..pire.1616 Tj3.irrTiar) 8111 217,0

(HarPor) Macmillan (Hugh), The Corn of Heaven, cr 8vo Macmillan's Guide to Palestine and Egypt, 12mo Mahan (A. T.), T of Naval OSicers drawn from the British Navy, cr vo (Macmillankos(t:lryclailianoilnie1W061° Mason (F. E.), Daddy Gander, 4to

Meynell (Alice), Later Poems, 12mo it Moffat (J.) and Drum (E.), Ray Farley, or 8vo 60

Morris (N.), Tales of the Spanish Main, or 8vo

My Own Death, by " Limbo," cr 8vo (Kegan net 160/1 Otticial Report of the Church Congress held at Brighton, Oc(toliae(leTUlaillanD,enran)Illip'eej 8vo (Bemrose) net Ai' 3u.i.y. cs. j.) and Coate (J. H.), The Chemistry of Pigments, 8vo

(Scott & Greenwood) net 10,6

peel (C. V- Al, Wild Sport in the Hebrides, 8vo (F. E. Robinson) net 7,6 phylpa (F. C. , A Woman of the World's Advice, Cr 8vo (Macqueen 8,6

pickthall (R.), The Way of the Wilderness, cr 8vo (E. Stock 3/0

pablic-House Reform. by A. N., Cr 8vo (Sonnenschein) 2,6 Bewley (Mrs. G. S.), The Romance of an Emergency, er 8vo (Deane) 6/0


(W.), The Stone of Dunalter, Cr 8vo (A. Gardner) 3/6

Row Nouchette Carey Birthday-Book (The). 12mo (Bonsfield) 8/6

Scudder (B E.). James Ruseedl Lowell: a Biography, 2 vols. cr 8vo (Macmillan)(Macmillan) net 15/0 Salvegm) (F. B.), The Real Latin Quarter, cr 8vo (Funk & Wagnalls) 6/0 . C.), St. Luke the Prophet, cr 8vo gtewart (C.), Hand Iminemor, 8vo (W. Blackwood) 7/6 Story (A. T.), The Boys of St. Elmo, or 8vo (Newnes) 3/6 Turbervju (j. P.), Ewenny Priory : Monastery & Fortress, 8vo...(E. Stock) 7/6 wale M.), Sermons on Hymns, and other Sermons... (Gardner & Barton) 3/6

Underwood (C. F.), Some Pretty Women, folio (Pearson) net 20/0 Walker (1:f . Be R.), The West Indies and the Empire, 8vo (Unwm) net 7/6 Way (T. R.), Ancient Royal Palaces in and near London, 4to (Lane) net 21/0