7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 51

The Argonauts of the Amazon. By C. R. Kenyon. (W.

and R. Chambers. 35. 6d.)—Mr. Kenyon's modern Argonauts seek the lost treasure of the Incas, and though they find it, when the story closes they return without it. Nevertheless, they have some exciting adventures, meet a divinely fair descendant of the Incas, and subsequently the Inca himself, who still retains his independence somewhere east of the Andes. The adventures of the steam launch on the Amazon and the entombment in the treasure-house will provide some interesting reading for boys. We lose eight of the Princess Unini just when she was beginning to aid the designs of the treasure-hunters. Fate, however, was inexorable, and the Inca's secret had to be kept.