7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 51

The Young Pearl Divers. By Lieutenant H. P. Whitmarsh. (John

Mae/peen. 5s )—The pearl divers are the sons of a squatter who, journeying too far in quest of a fresh grazing country, and after many adventures with blacks, come out on the north-western coast of Australia. They take possession of an abandoned pearl lugger, make a fortune, and turn up in the nick of time to help the drought-ruined squatter. The diving details are most interesting ; Lieutenant Whitmarah is an expert, and the story is exciting with storms and volcanic eruptions, castaways and the inevitable romance. It is simply and freshly written, and will add to most boys' knowledge in one branch of a seafaring life. The allowance of blacks killed is a very liberal one, nor does the author regard it as anything extraordinary. The Young Pearl Divers is interesting to the very end.