7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 54

CHILDREN'S Boons.—Pater's Book of Rhymes. By Judge Parry. Mustrated by

A. Rusden. (Sherratt and Hughes, Manchester. 3s. 6d.)—This is an amusing collection of verses and pictures that is sure to be liked by children. Here is a verse from "Our Cat"

• "Oh I wish that you had seen hint,

Our little pussy cat.

He came so skinny, scrag, and lean, And went away so fat.

They said he stole the food and things, Perhaps he did so, but He really couldn't help it, • Couldn't Smut."

The picture of ' Smut ' with rats and mice all round him is drawn with spirit. The chorus of "The Ballad of Chang, the Chim- panzee" is worth quoting :—

"Yes, Chang, the Chimpanzee, Though only rising three, Could shut the door

Like a child of four So well behaved was he."

—Jahn Goritza and Snawfteck. By Dolly Pentrath. Gwyn, Dee, Pero. and Company. By Mrs. Williams. (The Pear ll'ree Press. 2s. and 2s. 6d.)—These three numbers of the "Brownie Series" are prettily got-up little books. • Snatedeck and Gwyn, Dee, Pero, and Company are intended for children.