7 DECEMBER 1901, Page 57


Noble Women of Our Time. By Frederick Douglas How. (Isbister and Co. 5s.)—The impression left on the mind by this interesting book is "How many good people there are in the world!" since for these twelve excellent women whose lives are here recorded there are hundreds in our vast Empire equally courageous and devoted, some of whom have turned aside from the enjoyments of life, like Anne Mackenzie, to brave danger and suffering in distant climes, and others who, like Mrs. Stuart- Wortley, have not found it necessary to forsake home, friends, and family in order to help those less favourably situated, and to diminish the pain and evil they see around them. Of C0111130 it may be said that philanthropy is the fashion. Happy is the people that is in such a case! Nevertheless, in these days of sensational newspapers the evil which is done is often noised Eibroad while the good is hidden from view. To those whose pessimism is a grief and not a pleasant excitement we recommend this little volume, for which we heartily thank the author.