7 DECEMBER 1945, Page 15

In My Garden

An eminent plant-breeder (interested in certain English "creations ") writes to suggest that Britain should imitate his country of Holland in protecting plant-breeders' rights. At present they are in the position of a writer deprived of copyright protection. The people of Holland take much more interest in growing the best varieties than we do. How many small gardeners grow just currants and gooseberries without realising how much more good they might extract from a Laxton's "Perfection" red currant or a "Leveller" or "Lancashire Red" goose- berry! Or how much value lie.; in the January King or the summer 13-weeks' cabbages. Among premature blossoms in the garden are Daphne Mezerion, Spanish broom, Lungwert ; and the many primula flowers are copied in the wild, where a regular recorder of late flowers' has found a cowslip in bloom, his first November record.