7 FEBRUARY 1846, Page 19


Tuesday, Feb. 8.


Barnes and Co. Tokenhonse Yard, merchants ; as far as regards J. Barnes—J'. mad E. Herrman, Manchester, haberdashers—Crowdy and Brown' Brixton Hill, surgeons— Harrison and Sherwin. Manchester, dealers in umbrella materials—Turner and White- ker, Rochdale, wool-merchants—Perry and Permit, Bristol, coach-builders—Mann and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull, mustard-manufacturers—Forbes and Drake, Warnford Court, attornies—Standen and Ilroadbridge, Boughton-under-the-Mean, Kent, builders—Lan- don and Walker, Jermyn Street, tailors—S. imd J. W. Martin, Poole, salt-merchants- Warrington and Rae, Liverpool, tea-merchants—Standfield and Co. Sheffield, mer- chants as far as regards 11. Johnson—Lewls and Worland, Maddox Street, tailors— Matthews and Co. Liverpool, printers—Atkinson and Massey, Liverpool, spinner"— Cheney and Co. Basinghall Street, silk-manufacturers—Winter and Symons, Plymouth. builders—Waites and Seymour, Wakefield, milliners—Patch and Webb, Acton, brick- makers —Parr and Trippett, Manchester, card-makers—Evans and Sherwin, Norton. folgate, ironfoundeis—Hulme and Sadler, Stockport, cotton-manufacturers—Heeler and Clarke, Red Lion Foundry, Whitechapel—Labrey and Co. Manchester, tea-dealera- -Borthwick and Co. Glasgow, ship-broken—City of Glasgow Bank ; as 111;r as regards .

J. Laurie. RANICEOPTS. Aacnxx, Smarm, Rochda/e, woollen-manufacturer, to surrender Feb. 18, March 11: solicitors, Messrs. Norris and Co. Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn ; Mr. Heaton, Rochdale; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester. Emma, damn, Myddieton Square, linen-factor, Feb. 10, March 17: solicitS 15 Messrs. Bridger and Blake, London Wall ; Mr. Dodge, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. Boccorr, Some Szeson Bosons, King Street, Camden Town, out of business, Feb. 12, March 17: solicitors; HMISIS. Armstrong and Jones, Red Lion Square ; officifti assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers. Es-ass, Joan, Liverecill, dealer 1st guano, Feb. 17, Starch 13 : solicitors, Mr. Walker, Furnivala Inn ; Mr. Bradley, Liverpool ; official assignee. Mr. Cazenove, LiverpooL HARVEY, Monello, Chasewater, grocer, Feb. 18, Match 18: solicitors, Messrs.

Kid- dell and Co. Lime Street ; Mr. Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Mr. liernaman, Exeter.

Messur, Joists, Manchester, grocer, Feb. 13, March 6: solicitors, Messrs. Bower sad Son, Chancery Lane ; Messrs. Barrett and Jszdon, Manchester ; official. assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester, NHL, Josarn HENRY, John Street, Tottenham Court Road, builder, Feb. 11, March 11 souther. Mr. Threee, 'Winchester Beikunes, Broad Street ; official assignee, Ms. Bell, Coleman Street Boeings. PAYNE, GeoRoe PATIKORE, Liverpool, dealer in optical lcuttraments, Feb. 17, March 13 : solicitors, Messrs. Chester and Co. Staple Inn ; Mr. Hine, Liverpool ; official as- *gigue% Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. SrarrARD, JAMES, Manchester, cotton-spinner. Feb 16, March 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Hampson and Son, Manchester ; official as- Signee, Mr. Fraser. Manchester.


Feb. 25, Hawkins, Brick Lane, SpitsMelds, grocer—Feb. 25, Hayward, Manchester,



To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting. Feb. 26, Taylor, Plecadill , stave-manufacturer—Feb. 25, Vickers, Carter Street, Walworth Road, bill-broker— Feb. 27, Purnell, Stepney, vinegar-dealer— Feb. 24, Cordaroy, Liverpool, hatter.

71, be granted, unless cause be shown to The contrary, on or before Feb. 24.

Coates, Hart Street, Bloomsbury, apothecary—Kelly, Tewkesbury, printer —Knyvett, Great Stanmore, made-seller—Hay and Titterton, London Road, oilmen—Turner, Princes Street, Soho, chemist—Wade, Strand, tailor—Sheraton, Hartlepool, corn-mer- chant—Brogden, Lincoln, bookseller—Mottram, Wood Street, Manchester, warehouse-


Rhodes, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner ; first div. of 2s. 6d. any day on and after Feb. 9; Mr. Young, Leeds—Wood, Lee Side, Saddieworth, merchant ; final city, of ad. any day on and after Feb. 9; Mr. Young, Leeds —Chaloner, Lincoln, tailor ; first div. of 4s. any day on and after Feb. 9; Mr. Young, Leeds—Rawsthorne, Manchester, agent ; first div. of 93d. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Pott, Manchester— Whitlow, Manchester, laceman ; final dlv. of sid. On Feb. 17, or any subsequent Tues- day; Mr. Pott, Manchester.


• GARDNER, T., Traveston of Glasgow, bricklayer, Feb. 9, March 2.

Friday, Jan. 6.


Hampson and Co., Kendal, railway-contractors—Sampson and Co. London, mer- chants—T. and S. Padget, Wakefield, Unendrapers—Milne and Co. Royton, cotton- manufacturers; as far as regards J. Turner and It. Dearman—Gibson and Dover, Man- chester, brokers—Kay and Green, Manchester, stock-brokers—Gent and Jones, Birming- ham, hatters — Nowell and Smith, Bradford, Umber-merchants — Mason and Co.

Brampton, Derbyshire, coalmasters—Kohler and l'Enfant, Rathbone Place, lithographic printers—J. F. and W. Peters, Drury Lane, tobacconists—Love and Evans, BasInghall Street, factors—Towell and Kenclle, King's Lynn, Norfolk, merchants—Robinson and Sparkes, Northampton, carpenters--Glover and Haywood, Stone, Staffordshire, victual- lers—Hayes and Co. Meriton s Wharf, Mill Street ; as far as regards J. J. Hays—Gough and Sons, Kidderminster, carpet-manufacturers—R. D. and R. Fretwell, GaInsborough, StrOcers—Maltby and Co. Nottingham, wine-merchants—Morley and Smith, Scar- borough, linendrapers—Cockbams and Co. Oporto, merchants ; as far as regards H. Dunlop—Briscoe and Co. Monte Video, and Briscoe and Co. Buenos Ayres ; as far as regards G. Beley—WIlliams and Knight, Liverpool, estate-agents—A. and .T. Parker, Kendal, mlliiners—Torkington and Taylor, Ashton-under-Lyne, railway-contractors- Sparrow and Co. Chelmsford, bankers ; as far as regards W. Watford and T. Greenwood —Brook and Co. Huddersfield, woollen-cloth-merchants ; as far as regards J. Brook .anior—Edens and Clarke, Stafford, shoe-manufacturers—Newton Crown Glass Com- pany, Newton ; as far as regards E. Pierpoint —Parker and Co. New Inn, Old Bailey, Common-carriers.


PICKLES, JOHN, Freston, cotton-spinner.

Shorn, JOHN, Jewin Street, warehouseman.


BAXTER, EDWARD Warm., Coventry, ironmonger, to 'surrender Feb. 18, March 16: Solicitors, Messrs. Vincent and Co. Temple ; Mr. Hodgson, Birmingham : official assig- nee, Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham.

• Bailsman, Joan, and Joan junior, Tysoe Street, Clerkenwell, cabinet-makers, Feb. 31, March 14: solicitor, Mr. 3facpliall, Wilmington Square : official assignee, Mr. Fol- lett, Basingball Street.

DOcansm, GEORGE, Merthyr Tydvil, butcher, Feb. 20, March 20: solicitor, Mr. Has- oell„ Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol. Dutra, JAMES, Newark-upon-Trent, plaster-merchant, Feb. 16, March 16: solicitors, Messrs. Jaques and Edwards, Ely Place ; Mr. Brown, Nottingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.

FROST, Jowl Wisicum, Back Lane, KIngsland Green, coffee-dealer, Feb. 13, March 20: solicitors, Messrs. &carman and Slater, Great Tower Street ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher.

GOWN, ROBERT, Clare, Suffolk, corn-dealer, Feb. 13, March 20: solicitors, Messrs. Hughes and Turner, Charles Street, City Bead; official assignee, Mr. Pennell.

Hsu., Jens, Birmingham, currier, Feb. 18, March 20: solicitor, Mr. Harding, Bir- taingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham.

. INGLIS, ALEXANDER, EMISMI, draper, Feb. 17, March 25: solicitors, Messrs. Soles and Turner, Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

Moms, CHARLES, Whitchurch, linendraper, Feb. 29, Starch 13: solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Co. Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

NEEDHAM, the Hon. FRANCIS HENRY, (carrying on business under the name of Law- rence), New Bond Street, dressing-case-maker, Feb. 17, March 20 : solicitor, Mr. Fisher, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell. Noes, JOSEPH HENRY, High Street, Poplar, outfitter, Feb. 12, March 17: solicitors, Messrs. Hodgson and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers.

, Norman, Ssmusa„ Ipswich, innkeeper, Feb. 12, March 20: solicitor, Mr. Buchanan, Basinghall Street ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

• OPENSIIAW, GEORGE HANDEL, Over DariVen, Lancashire, power-loom-cloth-manufac- tnrer, Feb. 19, March 12: solicitors, Messrs. Bower and Son, Chancery Lane ; Messrs. Ainsworth and Sons, Blackburn ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

• ROBERTS, Joan, Kidderminster, clothier, Feb. 13, March 20: solicitors, Messrs. Cox and Co. Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Mr. Alsager. Blichin Lane.

STOCKBRIDGE, WILLIAM, Wandsworth, tobacconist, Feb. 17, March 18: solicitors, Messrs. Lawrence and Co. Old Fish Street ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

TURNER, RICHARD CHARLES, Houndsditch, carpenter, Feb. 12, March : ;solicitors, Messrs. Norton and Son, BIshopsgate ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher.

• WARD, FRANCIS, Batley, Yorkshire, rag-merchant, Feb. 19, March 24: sollcitors, Mr. Taylor, Nicholas Lane ; Mr. Hanby, Dewsbury ; Mr. Bond, Leeds ; official assig- nee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

JOHN, St. Benet's Place, Gracechurch Street, wine-merchant, Feb. 14, March : solicitor, Mr. Eyre, Bond Court, Walbrook ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Alder- manbury.


Feb. 27, Mackenzie, Hunter Street, Brunswick Square, commission-agent—Feb. 27, Hind, George Row, Bermondsey, merchant—Feb. 27, Lee and Co. Lombard Street, bankers—Feb. 27, Tuck, Elsing, Norfolk, miller—March 3, Belden and Made, Liver- pool, merchants—Feb. 17, Jones and Cresskill, Rcohdale, booksellers—Feb. 18, Todd, Manchester, dealer in cotton goods—Feb. 27, Gallimore, Burslem, earthenware-manu- facturer. CERTIFICATES,

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of nutting.

Feb. 28, Tucker and Bidwell, Melcombe Rees, grocers—March 3, Robinson, Leeds, cloth-merchant—March 4, Sturley, Southern, Warwickshire, organ-builder—Feb. 28, Brown, Atherstone, Warwickshire, ironmonger. • To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Feb. 27. G. B. and A. J. Budge, Gloucester Street, Curtain Road, japan-leather-manufac- tarers—Wood and Holmes, Maidstone, tea-dealers—Halley, Bakewell. Derbyshire, tallor—Russel, Ludlow, scrivener—Taylor and Guy, Liverpool, hoslers—Balley, Bristol, builder—Kendall, Islington, tavern-keeper—Savage, Old Compton Street, victualler- Maund, Birmingham, laceman—Terry, Bristol, ship-chandler.


• De Wilde, Wells Street, Oxford Street, ironmonger ; div. of Si. 6d. Feb. 4; Mr. Belcher, Ring's Arms Yard—Dousbery, Farringdon Street, boot-factor ; div. of Zs. 4d. Feb. 4; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Howell, Queen's Head Passage, Newgate Street, hotel-keeper ; div. of 2s. 6d. Feb. 4; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Davies, Liverpool, merchant ; first div. of 35. Feb. 5, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Case- Dove, Liverpool—Townsend, Little Russell Street, Covent Garden, pawnbroker ; second div. of 31d. any Wednesday; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.


• HICKS, J., Glasgow, bookseller, Feb. 10, March 10. RICHARD, D., Auchterarder, manufacturer, Feb. 13, March 20. &eine; R., and Sons, LlnlithgOW, eurriers, Feb. 12, March 5.