7 FEBRUARY 1846, Page 9


The Cataraque, Finlay, from Liverpool to Port Philip, struck upon a reef off the South-west coast of King's Island (Bass's Straits), 4th Aug. and went to pieces la twenty-four hours afterwards ; chief-mate, one emigrant, and seven sailors saved ; and four hundred and fourteen persons drowned.

ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 2d Feb. Seringapatam, Godden, from Calcutta: 3d, Pole- tiers, Denny, from Ditto; 4th, Brooksby, Thomson ; and Scindian, Terry, from Ditto ; and Britannia, Gellatly, from Ceylon. In the Downs, 331. Tar, Langley ; and Queen, Devey, from Mauritius ;and Querida, Larrinaga, from Manila ; 4th, Sons of Commerce, Williams, from Hobart Town. Off Dartmouth, 5th, Himalaya, Burn, from Calcutta. At Liverpool, Jan. 30th, Wild Irish Girl, Graham, from Bombay ; 31st, Earl of Chester, Blackstone, from China ; 1st Feb. Bidstone, Harmer, from Calcutta; 2d, Patna, Ponsonby, from China ; 4th, Esther, Groom ; Gemini, Boon; London, Michael ; and Flora Kerr, 1PIridder, from Calcutta ; Mischief, Lewis, from Mau- ritius. In the Clyde, 3d, Isabella, Noble, from Mauritius. At the Cape, pre- vious to 13th December, Cumberland, Sinclair ; Thomas Arbuthnot, Smith ; Susan- nah, Campbell ; Jim Crow, Geere ; Richmond, Farber; and Susan Crisp, Cocks, from London. At Mauritius, previous to 22d Nov. Pauline, Houghton ; and Sybilla, Coleman, from London; Herald. Jones, from Liverpool ; and Gazelle. Robertson. from Leith. At Bombay, lit Jan. Lame, -, from London. At Madras, 19th Dec. Northumberland, Pollock, from London ; and 224, Tropic, -, from Ditto. At Bengal, previous to 20th Dec. Vernon; Gloriana ; London ; and Georgetown, from London; Otterspool ; Glendaragh ; William Rathbone ; Aurora ; Jolly Robin ; Adam Lodge ; and Ann Lockerby, from Liverpool; and Thalia, from Newcastle. At Port Philip, let Sept. Arab, Dalgamo, from London. At Hobart Town, 16th, Platina, Kirkus ; and Marion, Kettieworth, from London. SAILED-From Gravesend, 30th Jan. Imanm of Muscat, Riches, for Ceylon ; let Feb. Buteshire, Currie, for Madras ; 3d, Inchinnan, Blair, for Bombay; 4th, Metal/wet. Bird, for Calcutta ; 5th, Bangalore, Arlon, for Chins; Mary Ann, Darke, for Madras ; and Sir Henry Harding°, Turnbull, for Bombay. From Liverpool. 24 Feb. Patriot Queen, Adamson; and Oriental, Lowther, for Calcutta; and 3d, Dutchess of Bucclench, Collier, for Ditto. SATURDAY MORNING.-ARRIVED-At Bombay, 19th Dec. Neptune, Ferris, from 1.01D. don ; 22d, Claudine, Norris ; and Mary Ann, Allan, from Ditto ; and 231, Bolton, Da- vidson, from Ditto.