7 FEBRUARY 1852, Page 11



The tenour of the debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday night gave an upward impulse to the English Stock Market : Consols, which had been as low as 961, have since been 961, and close this afternoon at 961 1. Among the purchasers to cause this improvement have been the Bank of England, who have bought Terminable Annuities. It will be seen that this corporation are forced into investments by the continued increase of the amount of bullion in their coffers. The large capitalists seem still anxious to find some other mode of investment than Stock, and a sale was yesterday made of 150,0001. Consols on account of one of the Insurance Companies, by whom the amount has been lent to the Commissioners of City Improvements. Money continues as abundant as ever: large amounts have been lent for short periods, in the Stock Exchange, upon the security of English Stock at the rate of 1 per cent per annum. The accounts from the Australian gold dis- tricts are as favourable as ever ; and it is further stated that the gold there discovered is of remarkable purity, in some cases the pure metal being to the amount of 98 per cent of the ore found. In the Foreign Market, the transa tions have been unimportant. Mexican Stock continues to improve, and has today been as high as 321. It is ex- pected by well-informed persons, that a half-year's dividend will shortly be paid, and that in May next the long-expected portion of the American indemnity will be realized. Spanish Stock went down yesterday, upon the reported attempt to assassinate the Queen of Spain : the decline in the Active Stock was about 5 per cent. The lost ground has, however, been nearly recovered today. The impulse noticed in part of our lust impression as having been given to Grenada Deferred Stock was continued in the early part of the week, when the price rose to 7 : as, however, the purchases of the influential parties who originated the movement have not been con- tinued, while some sales of Stock bought in Holland have been effected, the price declined again ; this afternoon, the upward movement has been re- newed, and the closing quotation is 61.

quotations are in advance of those of last week. The preference and guas ranteed Shares are much sought after ; and those of the best hues can only be bought to pay 4 per cent upon the investment, while in some cases this description of Shares are so scarce as not to be obtainable within reasonable limits of the prices at which they are nominally quoted in the market. The French Shares have not been much dealt in, but have generally advanced ; the prices today being from 10s. to 15s., and in some eases 11. higher than those of last week. Very few of these Shares are afloat here, and the transactions in them are limited by the short supply. The Railway Share Market continues firm, and today moat of the current SATURDAY Twatxs o'CLomt.

The French Funds fell about # per cent yesterday, the Five per Cents closing at 102.80, and the Three per Cents at 64.50; Consols, consequently, are rather lower ; and after having been done at 965 and 961, are now 964 4 both for Money and Account. The Foreign Funds are without material change. Spanish Stock is, however, heavy, in consequence of lower prices from Paris, and the anxiety of the agents of French houses to sell ; this Ac- tive is 221 3, and the Three-and-a-half per Cents 405 41. The hallway Shares are generally higher. Eastern Counties, 71 ; Great Northern, 19; Great Western, 871 1 ; Brighton, 951; North-western, 118; Midland, 5714. SATURDAY Two o'Clocs.

The English Stock Market has been steady, the closing price of Consols being exactly 965 both for Money and Account. In the Foreign Market, the business transacted, though not extensive, has been of a general character, without causing any material variation in prices, as will be seen by the fol- lowing list of actual transactions. Grenada Deferred Stock has been steady, while the business in it has attracted attention to all the Stocks of Central America ; which, after having been long in abeyance, are now sought for. Brasilia; 94; Buenos Ayres, 501; Chili, 101 ; Equador, 4 31, Grenada, 174 161; Ditto Deferred, 61 # ff 11; Guatemala, 41; Mexican, 325 a ; Portuguese Four per Cents, 324; Buss= Four-and-a-half per Cents, 100 l Spanish Active, 225; Ditto Three per Cent Deferred, 171; Venezuela, 35 37 ; French Three per Cents, 64 ; Exchange, 25. 35 ; Dutch Four per Cents, 911.

The Railway Share Market continues to improve, and prices are generally higher. The following are the principal transactions—Bristol and Exeter, 855; Caledonian, 151; Eastern Counties, 711 1; Great Northern, 19 181 ; Great Western, 875 8 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 631 1 5 1; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 951 ; London and North-western, 118 171 181 171 18 ; London and South-western, 871 ; Midland, 575 f 1 1 ; Scottish Central, 135; South-eastern and Dover, 201 1 ; York, Newcastle, and Ber- wick, 17$1 1; East Indian, 205; Northern of France, 181 5 ; Paris and Iteuen, 261. 76 8 ,n 3 per Cent Consols 96 98 Danish 3 per Cents 58 9 n

Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto for Account 91 2 Ditto 4 per Cents

8 per Cent Reduced Mexican 5 per Cents 1648 , 32 i

31 per Cents

Long Annuities 7 Peruvian 6 per Cents 931 di

Bank Stock — Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 311 21

Ischequer Bills 61 84 pm. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 60 2 India Stock — Russian 5 per Cents 113 15

Brazilian 5 per Cents 93 5 Ditto 41 per Cents 100 2 91 3 Spanish Active 5 per Cents 221 3 Belgian 41 per Cents

Chilian 6 per Cents 101 3 Ditto $ per Cents 1842 40 1 103 5 Sardinian Bonds b7 81

Danish 5 per Cents


An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 82, for the week ending on Saturday, the Slat day of Jan. IMO.


Notes leaned 431,84,740 Government Debt £11,011,100

Other Securities :084.400 Gold Coln and Bullion 17,024,333

Silver Bullion 33,376

£31,037,730 431,657,730

BAN ZINO I, ...... ENT• Proprietors' Capital 414,333,060 Government Securities. an- Rest ., 3.534,552 eluding Dead ViclghtAnnuity) L18,420,923 Public Deposita. 4,845,972 Other Securltica 11,1 3.301

Other Deposita 12,3E7.634 Notes 10,918.703 Seven Day and other BUIE 1,130,413 Gold and Sitter Cola 657,442 L36,132,631 L38,132,631

• Including Exchequer, Savings-Ennio, CommiselemerserNational Debt, * Dividend AccO.