7 FEBRUARY 1852, Page 11

Two of our most eminent pianists, Mr. Sterndale Bennett and

Mr. Lindsay Stepp., have this week commenced serial performances of classi- cal music, chiefly for their own instrument,—Mr. Bennett on Tuesday evening, at the Hanover Square Rooms; and Mr. Sloper on Thursday evening, at the rooms in Queen Anne Street. The plan of the two con- certs was precisely the same. Both Mr. Bennett and Mr. Sloper made their selections chiefly from the pianoforte works of Beethoven. Both took several beautiful pieces of Beethoven's predecessor, Mozart ; and each of them took a sonata of John Sebastian Bach, the great model whom Beethoven himself has not disdained to copy. Both are finished per- formers, and did tho utmost justice to the music they executed ; Mr. Sloper being peculiarly distinguished for strength and vigour, Mr. Ben- nett for delicacy and refinement. Both introduced a little vocal music by way of variety. Mr. Bennett had Miss Laura Baxter, a rising young singer ; and Mr. Sloper, besides Miss Dolby, brought forward her younger sister, who promises to be not unworthy of the name. These serial performances of the higher kinds of music are becoming more and more numerous, and will probably supersede altogether those enormous farragos of vulgarity and commonplace the benefit concerts.