7 FEBRUARY 1852, Page 20


Tuesday, .Feb. 3. PARTNERSHIPS DISHOLVED.—Whitehead and Co. Oldham, spinners—Payne and Co. Chard, lace-manufacturers—G. and T. Ashley, Poulton-with-Fearnhead, Lanca- shire, farmers—Fumevall and Bradbury, Harlington, Lancashire, brass-founders- Greaves and Smart, Ratcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, railway-contractors- Bickerdike and Barker, Leeds, cloth-manufacturers—J. and R. Sutcliffe, Bradford, Yorkshire, commission-agents—Anty and Buckley, Bradford, Yorkshire, letter- press-printers—Stott and Butterworth, Royton, Lancashire, grocers—Newman and White, Southwark Bridge Road, ginger-beer-manufacturers--G. and B. Zimmerman, Old Bond Street, jewellers—Speke and Co. Clarence Road, Kentish Town, hawkers —WEIroy and Co. Liverpool, shipwrights—Hawkesley and Co. Sheffield, cutlers— Garth and Co. Leeds, stone-merchants—Payne and Co. Bath, goldsmiths ; as far as regards M. A. Payne—Merrill and Co. Sheffield—Wilkinson and Wilkin, Newcastle- upon-Tyne,. grocers—Taylor and Forrest, Piccadilly, lamp lustre cut glass mann- facturers—Madeley and Co. Solihull, Warwickshire, tanners ; as far as regards E. Madeley—Crotch and Co. Edgewarc Road, chemists—Melvin and Co. Glasgow, patent-heddle-manufacturers—Bell and Co. Leith, merchants ; as far as regards R. G. Smith—Ward and Co. Glasgow, chemists. BANKRUPTIL—ROBERT SEWELL, Swaffham, scrivener, to surrender Feb. 13, March 19 solicitors, Trehern and White, Barge Yard Chambers; official assignee, Whit- more, Basinghall Street—THOTUS ARNOLD, Elmore, Gloucestershire, Umber-dealer, Feb. 16, March 15: solicitor, Lovegrove, Gloucester; official assignee, Miller, Brie- tol—JosEest HALL, Cradley, Herefordshire, farmer, Feb. 17, March 6: solicitor, Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham—I:tomes Hews, Cam- borne, Cornwall, grocer, Feb. II, March 10: solicitors, Bullmore. Falmouth; Stag- don, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter—Joux PADGETT, Idle, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer, Feb. 19, March 25: solicitors, Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; assignee, Young, Leeds—Moises BYROM, Wigan, Lancashire, grocer, Feb. 20, March 12 : solicitor, Barrett, Manchester; official assignee, Lee, Manchester. DivinExne.—Feb. 27, Britten, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street, wine-merchant—Feb. 24, Fagg, Grove Road, St. John's, Wood, apothecary—Feb. 27, Swann, Sandford, Oxfordshire, paper-maker—Feb. 27, Stephenson, Lombard Street, banker—Feb. 20, Wright jun. and Lockwood, Trinity Square, coal-factors—Feb. 27, Lloyd, Goldhawk Terrace, Shepherd's Bush, builder—Feb. 24, Foakes, Mitcham, market-gardener- Feb. 24, Prentice, Oxford, ironmonger—Feb. 26, Edwards, Brighton, carpenter— Feb. 28, Bayliffe, Chippenham, Wiltshire, surgeon—Feb. 24, Bates, Liverpool, mer- chant—Feb. 26, Birch, Manchester, brewer—Feb. 23, Emery, Lichfield, tailor—Feb.

• Johnson, Wolston, Warwickshire, coal-dealer.

CIRTIFICATE8.-2b be granted, wsless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Feb. 25, Bennett, Woolwich, carpenter—Feb. 25, Besivick, Norwich, wine- merchant—Feb. 26, Stanton, Buckingham, watchmaker—Feb. 24, Pegler., Hampton, grocer—Feb. 26, Boyce sen. Dover, hotelkeeper—Feb. 26, Edwards, Brighton, car- penter—Feb. 26, Geary, St. James's Street, staymaker—Feb. 27, Farrell, Liverpool, provision-dealer—Feb. 26, Harris, Liverpool, ship-owner—Feb. 28, Thomson and Leith, Liverpool, timber-merchants—Feb. 27, Cansh, Liverpool, provision-dealer- Feb. 25, T. and J. Tucker, Liverpool, ship-builders. DECLARATIONS OP DIVIDENDS.—Churchill, Deddington, Oxfordshire, scrivener; third div. of Is. 7 ad. on Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street—Frost, Russell Square, boarding-house-keeper ; first div. of 2s. 3d. on Thursday next, and three subsequeet Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street— Clarke, Old Broad Street, coal-merchant ; first div. of ls. 2d. on Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street—Tibbits, Shuckburgh, War- wickshire, dealer in mineral ores ; first div. of 2s. 3d. any Thursday ; Christie, Bir- mingham—I. and J. 8. Dewhurst, Skipton, cotton-spinners ; first and final div. of 2s. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds—Mitchell and Binns, Barnsley, iron-founders first and final div. of 9s. 9d. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds—Beastall and Mather, High Street, Kensington, linen-drapers ; first div. of lls. 42d. any Wednes- day; Whitmore, Basinghall Street—M•Dowall, Little Queen Street, printer; second div. of 24. bid. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

SCOTCH SEsinEnrRezvoNs.—Wilkinson, Glasgow, printer, Feb. 6, March 5—Gal- braith, Edinburgh, underwriter, Feb. 7, March 9—Findlay, Old Monkland, Lanark- shire, cattle-dealer, Feb. 9, March 1—Mlidurray, Glasgow, ironmonger, Feb. 10, March .4—Maxwell, Glasgow, wine-merchant, Feb. 7, March 1—Cunningham, Dun- dee, manufacturer, Feb. 9, March I.

Friday, February 6. PART:renown DissoLvEn.—Blake and Co. Upper Norton Street, painters—Shaw and Co. Oldham, cotton-spinners; as far as regards R. Leigh—Jones and Bryan, Birmingham, tailors—Challacombe and Mayon, Lowndes Terrace, silk-mercers- Abraham and Bean, Hull, merchants—Wilder and Co. Maidetone, attornies ; as far as regards T. P. Fleetwood—Robinson and Co. Carlisle, slate-merchants—Fryer and Gibbs, Warwick, grocers—Watson and Co. owners of Kibblesworth Colliery, Dur- ham—Wolverhampton Colliery Company—A. and W. Turley, Worcester, fly-pro- prietors—T. and H. Pearson, Birmingham, nail-manufacturers—Thoroley and Co. Bolton-le-Moors, drysalters—Mathers and Co. Manchester, small-ware-dealers- Luard and Co. Caen Wharf, Rotherhithe, stone-merchants ; as far as regards V. Luard and W. Beedham—Holdsworth and Son, Huddersfield, cloth-dressers—R. and J. Reeve, Doswell Street, gold-refiners—Smith and Son, Nottingham, boot-makers- J. and J. Powers, Nuneaton, grocers—Bissell and Sons, Greenfield, Worcestershire, nail-ironmongers ; as far as regards J. Taylor—Habbishaw and Co. Bradford, York- shire, machine-makers; as far as regards W. Habbishaw—Garforth and Co. Birstal, Yorkshire, coal-miners—Haley and Edwards, Bradford, Yorkshire, painters—Hill, Brothers, Riga, merchants ; as far as regards G. G. and C. Hill—Whitehall and Co. Friday Street, manufacturers.

Runcavers.—Az.zirefanta Boom, Long Acre, importer of Scotch whisky, to sur- render Feb. 17, March 16: solicitor, Langton, Staple Inn ; official assignee, John- son, Basinghall Street—Lawn DAMES, Canton Street, East India Road, shipowner, Feb. 13, March 18 : solicitors, Linklaters, Sise Lane ; official assignee, Bell, Cole- man Street Buildings—GEORGE EDWARD Rooms, Shepherd's Bush Market, ironmon- ger, Feb. 12, March 11: solicitor, Grant, Nicholas Lane ; official assignee, Johnson. Basinghall Street—Joanna CHARLES Foam's, Club Row, Shoreditch, timber-mer- chant, Feb. 20, March 25: solicitor, Brown, Finsbury Place ; official assignee, John- son, Basinghall Street—Ammon CRosliew, Park Road, Holloway, brick-maker, Feb. 20, March 16: solicitor, Taylor, South St. Finsbury-; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street—Datum. PUG8LEY, Bread Street, warehouseman, Feb. 19, March 25: :Nolicitors, Reid and Co. Bread Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street—WILLIAM WALKER and STIIPMIN WEBB, Oxford Street, warehousemen, Feb. 21; March 27: solicitors, Davis and Co. Warwick Street, Regent Street; official as- signee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—JAMES FERRY BILDT, Poole, timber-merchant, Feb. 21, March 27 : solicitors, Skilbeck and Hall, Southampton Buildings; Aldridge, Poole ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street—Mons Locxwoon, Wands- worth, grocer. Feb. 13, March 19: solicitor, Wellborne, Tooley Street; official as- signee., Stansfeld, Basinghall Street—WILLIAM GosLneo, Woolwich, ironmonger, Feb. 17, March 23 : solicitor, Hughes, Chapel Street; official assignee, Graham, Coleman St. —WILLIAM HORTON, High Hughes, Islington, grocer, Feb. 13, March 19: solicitors Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry ; official assignee, Canaan, Aldermanbury—Exocn JOSHUA BURFORD. Bermondsey Square, salt-merchant, Feb. 16, March 16: solicitor, Thompson, Sise Lane, Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court- JANEs MILLARD, Beading, copper-smith, Feb. 16, March 16 : solicitors, Sudlows and Co. Bedford Row ; Whalley and Dryland, Reading ; official assignee, Groom, Ab- church Lane—Jonx HURLEY, Birmingham, linen-draper, Feb. 24, March 23 :

• Depree, Lawrence Lane ; Motteram and Co. Birmingham ; official assignee,

Groom, Abcburch Lane—WILLIAM WORIMY, Smethwick, Staffordshire, victualler, Feb. 18, March 10: solicitors, Holland, West Bromwich ; Hodgson, Birmingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham—EDWARD Lows, Bristol, toy-dealer, Feb. 17, March 16 : solicitors, Crosby and Compton, Church Court, Old Jewry ; official as- signee, Hutton, Bristol—Joicr Foist) and Josisen ALFRED HADFIELD, Glossop, Der- byshire, paper-manufacturers, Feb. 18, March 11: solicitor, Heath, Manchester; official assignee, Mackenzie, Manchester—BEN/Amur Horsesjunior, Bradford, York- shire, cattle-salesman, Feb. 23, March 16 : solicitors, Pickup, Bradford ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope, Leeds—Wm/Lin Wirmr, Louth, draper, Feb. 25, March 17 : solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester ; Richardson and Co. Leeds ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull. DIVIDENDS.—March 4, 8. and N. T. Isherwood, Ludgate Hill, house-decorators- March 1, Curties, York Street, Westminster, cheesemonger—Feb. 27, Kaye, Bridge Row Wharf, Pimlico, coal-merchant—Feb. 27, Williams, Frith Street, Soho, gold- smith—Feb. 27, Dixon, Leeds, draper—March 2, Forbes, Great St. Helen's. pro- vision-merchant—March 2, Cornell, Halstead, Essex, ironmonger—March 2, White- head, Fleet Street, printer—March 2, Geary, St. James's Street, stay-maker—March 1, Dickenson, Walsall, merchant—March 1, Edwards, Burslem, Staffordshire, manu- facturer of earthenware—Feb. 28, E. and W. Round, Tipton, timber-merchants- March 18, Smith, Ironbridge, Shropshire, bookseller—March 2, Hence, St. Clement's, Worcestershire, brewer—March 2, Monsarrat, Cheltenham, wine-merchant—March I, Courtney, Bristol, banker—March 8, M 'Burnie, Exeter, draper—March 2, Wylde

and Slater, Bradshaw, Bolton-le-Moors, bleachers—March 2, Atkinson, Leeds, grocer.

DERTIFICATES.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—March 1, Coulthred jun. and Dyer, Lombard Street, Southwark, white- lead-makers—Feb. 27, Macleod, Ealing—March 1, Forster, Liverpool, filter-mer- chant—March 1, M'Kean, Liverpool, engineer—March 2, Sherwin, Liverpool, baker —March 2, Atkinson, Leeds, grocer. DECLARATIONS OF Divnissins.—Syder, Fakenham, Norfolk, grocer; third div. of 10d. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Ashlin, Eastcheap, corn-factor; first div. of 4s. Feb. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Aitchison, Great Windmill Street, wine-merchant ; final div. of ld. Feb. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Teesdale and Toulson, Westminster Bridge Road, warehousemen ; first and final div. of 10s. 43d. in aid of the first div. of 20s. in the pound, on new proofs, on the separate es- tate of R. Toulson, Feb. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chain. bers—Seddon, Eccleston, flour-dealer; first div. of 10s. Feb. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Morgan, Liverpool—Stockdale, Liverpool, soap-manufacturer ; third div. of 3d. Feb. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday; Morgan, Liverpool—Johnson, Leeds, spindle-maker ; second and final div. of 11-124. Feb. 10, or any subsequent Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds—Murray, Gresham Street, woollen-warehouse- man ; first div. of ls. 9d. Feb. 12, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Ba-

singhall Street. - .

SCOTCH SEQUELITRAITONS.—Walker, Glasgow, brass-founder, Feb. 11, March 3— Parsons, Glasgow, tavern-keeper, Feb. 12, March 9—Millar, dasgow, manufacturer, Feb. 12, March 11.