7 FEBRUARY 1936, Page 3

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : The

House of Commons met on Tuesday after the Christmas Recess in an atmosphere of profound gloom. The sad occasion which had called us together a fortnight before was to some extent responsible for the general depression but in the main it was due to a feeling that the inter- national situation is worsening. Sober-minded members are openly saying that before this Parliament has reached its end there will be war in Europe. They point out that the preparations for war in Germany have now reached such an extent that they cannot be curtailed without widespread unemployment. Yet, as Dr. Schacht hinted in his recent speech, the economic position of Germany is becoming more and more serious. The only result, so the argument runs, can be an explosion which may well take the form within two or three years of a German invasion of Russia. This in my judgement is an exag- gerated view, but it is fairly widely held.