7 FEBRUARY 1964, Page 13


Very few organisations that concern them- selves with the developing countries, especially in Africa, can claim to be independent and suc- cessful. The Ariel Foundation, now starting its fourth year, is both. A young Conservative MP, Charles Longbottom, is chairman; a young Socialist MP, Maurice Foley, is executive direc- tor. It has an impressive list of achievements to its credit. Before the last Kenya elections, KANU invited it to prepare a report on future social, educational and economic developMent: the report, prepared under the direction of Mr. Arthur Gaitskell, formed the basis of the KANU manifesto. Ariel is to act on behalf of Dr. Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia, as the co-ordinating agency in the UK for pri- vate aid programmes concerned with training and education. Ariel took the initiative in the 'twinning' of English schools with schools in English- and French-speaking Africa, and about one hundred schools have established links. Above all, Ariel establishes friendships with those who visit us here—and friendships without strings. Ariel (offices at 23 Greek Street, WI) is recognised as a charity and relies on donations and covenants. It deserves to get them.