7 FEBRUARY 1964, Page 17


SIR,—Bravo! I might have expected somebody like Dee Wells to support the out-of-date prejudices 'progressives' hold about boarding schools in this country.

What I find most tedious and even offensive in her letter is her presumption that she can tell me what I feel better than I know it myself. I am no more dishonest in print than I assume Miss Wells is —I merely disagree with her—to 'progressives' the one unforgivable sin.

For the record she ought to know that boarding school food, according to a number of children, is far from 'stodgy' and that hockey is also played at day schools.

Obviously Miss Wells thinks she is still living in the land of Angela Brazil and thus should be excused her sweeping and mistaken generalisations about English parents and their children. Still, after ten years' residence here, it's no credit to her intelligence that she doesn't know better.