7 FEBRUARY 1964, Page 17


SIR,—Who has been rejecting Brand X?

Some three years ago, I heard that some sporting manufacturer had indeed started to manufacture a liquid detergent called Brand X, and that it was on sale—well, not nationally, that couldn't be expected —at supermarkets in Reading, and the Co-op in Bournemouth. My information came from the company who were providing the container for Brand X.

Since then, I have been waiting breathlessly for the arrival of Brand X at my local sujiermarket. Ad- mittedly, the Brand X of the advertisement is a powder whereas this one is a liquid, Even so, its use would no doubt confer a certain status on the user: the housewife who likes to do her washing surrep- titiously and who can't bear to think that the state of her bed linen, or her children's clothes, is giving her neighbour a most unneighbourly inferiority complex.

Maybe you could set Leslie Adrian on to this. Whatever became of Brand X? Was it sold to a TV company?