7 FEBRUARY 1969, Page 28

Student stirs


From Cyril Ray, T. C. Skeffington-Lodge, Dr E. J. Mishan, Kevin Morris, David Mills Daniel, G. Cromarly Bloom, Stephen Potter, Sandra Anderson, John Colvin, E. Adams, E. R. Moulton-Barrett, David Levy, C. C. Wrigley, Oliver Beckett, Dr Ebiegberi Joe Alagoa, V. Ogbonnaya Inya, P. N. G. Gilbert.

Sir: The day that High Court injunctions were granted against graduates and undergraduates of the London School of Economics, I chanced upon some cuttings of the 'Postscript' column I used to contribute to the SPECTATOR. I found that I had recorded in your issue of 23 March 1962 that the Vice-Chancellor of Keele had accused his undergraduates of `actions tending to bring the University into disrepute,' such actions being:

Unorthodox dress habits; The frequency with which students tended to form close associations with members of the opposite sex; and Their inclination to take short cuts across planted grass in the university grounds.

It is a sorry reflection on my foresight that my comment was, 'As the farmer said of his sons: they'll be smoking next.'