7 FEBRUARY 1969, Page 29

Sir: I was appalled by the outmoded sentiments expressed by

D. A. Loosemoore in his letter (24 January).

Is one to infer from his criticisms of English girls that he expects a wife to be no more than a worshipping slave, who will grovel about in front of him, waiting on his every beck and call, addressing him as 'Master,' and minutely obey- ing his every wish? Would it be accurate to con- clude that he is advocating a return to that Vic- torian situation where the woman was com- pletely subjugated, and merely a part of the household furniture, a browbeaten 'skivvy,' who happened to reside permanently on the premises, instead of going home at night?

Surely, the sense of justice innate in any de-

mocratically minded person is outraged at the prospect of such a state of affairs. In this day of equal rights, and education, it is scarcely sur- prising that the woman of the house should have other interests besides attending to the wel- fare of her husband and family, or running the trivial-round of menage.

Thus, in a land which prides itself on the paramount importance of equality, Mr Loose- moore's views are an affront to everything which Britain is supposed to represent. From a purely personal point of view, I should consider the ability to converse on academic topics, and other intellectual accomplishments far more im- portant qualities in my wife, than any of the attributes stipulated by Mr Loosemoore.

But then I may not be so exalted in my own estimation as is your correspondent.

David Mills Daniel The Rectory, Bangor-on-Dee, North Wales