7 FEBRUARY 1969, Page 30

Great Tate debate

Sir: Stephen Gardiner in his article on the great Tate debate (31 January) touches on the ques- tion of the Moore Bequest and the exhibition of other sculpture. He makes the suggestion that 'a little sculpture garden' could be incorporated on the roof. This is an admirable solution; sculpture should be in the open air. The back- drop of the Vickers building on one side and the open river on the other provide both hori- zontal and vertical planes, but why should it be small? If Messrs Derry and Toms can build an extensive garden on the top of their Kensing- ton store, surely it is not beyond the skill of en- gineers to construct one of a reasonable size on the roofs of the Tate Gallery. What is more, cannot Noguchi, who has laid out the lovely sculpture garden at the new National Museum in Jerusalem, be asked to design it?

E. R. Moulton-Barrett 1 Dr Johnson's Buildings, Temple, London EC4