7 FEBRUARY 1969, Page 31

Sir: Will you kindly allow me space to reply to

Mr Robin Horton's fallacy (Letters, 10 Janu- ary) about the Ubani Ibos? Mr Horton's attack on Mr F. 1. Okole's irrefutable fact (Letters, 20 December) about Ubani Ibos at Opobo lends credence to Nigeria's motive of conquest, an- nexation and enslavement in this twentieth cen- tury. This 'scholar' of Niger Delta studies claims these Ibo-speaking (they've no other language) Biafrans to be 'Ubani Ijos.' I believe by the same Mr Horton's research findings and studies loon we shall be hearing of 'Oguta Ijos,' 'Onitsha Ijos' and `Ngwa Ijos' to name just a few: since these too live by the waterside and may be in oil-bearing areas.

Either Mr Horton is stark ignorant of the ethnic make-up and grouping of Biafra's people or he is indulging in an academic dishonesty and distortion of facts that characterise the malicious and effusive utterances of all Nigeria's apologists.