7 JANUARY 1832, Page 12


'THE Nottingham Commission was opened on Wednesday, before Mr. Justice Littledale and Mr. Justice Gaselee. The calendar contains the names of only 41 prisoners; of whom there are 11 for various offences not connected with the late riots.

The particular crimes charged against the 30 rioters are—feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of John Musters, Esq. at .Colwick, 11. Four of them are also charged with feloniously damaging the household furniture. Unlawfully and maliciously setting fire to Nottingham Castle, the property of the Duke of Newcastle, 4. Felo- niously breaking and entering a certain silk-mill at Beeston, the pro- perty of William Lowe, and setting fire to the same, 11. Most of these are separately indicted, and there are more than one indictment against some of them. For setting fire to a stack of beans and a hovel, 2; for riot and tumult, 2. There are two females in the calendar, one for re- ceiving part of the property stolen from Mr. Musters, and the other for stealing a piece of calico. Most of the prisoners are very young.