7 JANUARY 1832, Page 15


On the hat inst. the Lady of the Rev. W. II. HALE, of the Charter House, of a son. On the 3001 tat. in Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, the Lady of I'. F. RoinNsolt, Esq. of a son.

On the 3rd inst. in Upper Harley Street, the Lady of JAMES RIVETT CARNA.C, ES11. Of a daughter.

On the 2nd inst. at Portland Place, the Lady of Some Joxes, Esq. of a daughter.- In Edinburgh, Mrs. GLAssFORD BELL, of a daughter- At Mannar:ma, near Carrick-on.Suir, on the Stul inst. the wife of PATRICK KELLY, farmer, of two sous and a daughter, who are all living and (loin; well. On the 5th inst. at Dover House, the Right Hon. Lady Doe1 II, of a daughter. On the 4th inst. at Wiuktield, 13erks, the wife of Captain BueRE, of a sou.


On the 21st ult. at Mitiffiewich, JonN DUDLEY jun. Esq. of Wharton Lodge, Cheshire, to Axxe ROYLANCE, daughter of William Court, Esq. of Manor Hall, in the above wity:he Id of August. at Dacca, in the East Indies, Lieutenant GEORGE Power. THOMAS, of the 64th Regiment Native Infantry, son of the late General Thomas, to ALBINA GruicE, third daughter of the late W. S. Andrews, Esq. of Richmond, Surry. On the 4th inst. EDWARD Ii0BHOUSE, Esq. of the Coldstream Guards, son of the late Sir BelliaMirl HOWILAISO, Bart, to the lion. HESTER CHART.OTTE GRAVES. On the 3rd inst. at Rotherham, Joins ASHTON CASE, Esq. only son of Thomas Case, Esq. of Ince and Summer Hill, in the county of Lancaster, to CAROLINE ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of Henry Walker, Esq. of Blythe, Notts, and of Clifton House, York- shire.


On the 3rd inst. at her house, 25, Charles Street, Cavendish Square, Mrs. TREVES, at the advanced age of 92. On the 1st inst. CHARLES JOIIN LE POER BERESFORD MORPHEW, Esq. in the 53rd year of his age. On the 1st inst. at Hastings, WILLIAM SURTEES, Esq, late of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the 82nd year of his age. At 31. Buceleuch Place, on the 19th Dec. Jonas M`LAREN (son of the lath Captain John M`Laren), aged eight years and eight months. His death was occasioned by a swan shot penetrating the brain, a little above the right temple, on the 4th of October last.

On the 4th inst. at Chislehurst, in Kent, in his 58th year, Join; MARTIN, Esq. of Lombard Street, banker, and M.P. for the Borough of Tewkesbury.

On the 2nd inst. at Cricket Chard. Somerset, the Hon. HORATIO NELSON HOOD, youngest son of the Right Hon. Lord Bridport.

On the 4th inst. in Greenwich Park, in his 46th year, Captain- B. BAcsaottse, formerly of the Royal Welsh Fusileers.

On the 31st December, at the Rectory, Stanmer, the Reverend Tames BASER, Canon Residentiary of Chichester.