7 JANUARY 1832, Page 15

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, 3d January.


EVANS and HIPTCHENCE, Newman Street, Oxford Street, dress-makers-G. and S. IXNELL, Bristol, merchants-TESSIER and HARRIS, Portland Street, St. James's-NA- DArr.n and JACKSON, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, jewellers-FINCH and MuL- LiNs. Kensington, surgeons-W. and A. QUARTERMAN, High Street, Oxford, breeches- makers-U. and A. U. BRYANT, Beech Street, Barbican, tin-plate-workers-Bea-rec. wort= and Co. Huddersfield, merchants ; as far as regards MALLINSON-R. and R. LLOYD, Holborn Hill, tobacconists-PETERS and PRICE, Great Starry Street, wine-mer- chants-R. and F. CARTWRIGHT, Briclgnorth, cabinet-makers-LAWRENCE and Coa- atom, New Bond Street, milliners-BELLAsiv and Co. Parliament Street, wine-mer- chants-Hammes: and EASTMAN; Little Moorfields, veterinary-surgeons-Cox and ED- WARDS, Goswell Street, soap-manufacturers-Drsoa and Co. Silkstone,Norkshire, steel wire-drawers-PERRIER and MIDDLETON, Adam's Court, Broad Street-Krame and Hem:arm, Guilford, grocers-J. and R. VINEY, Coruhill, trunk-maaufacturers-EL- MOTT and Co. Pimlico,brewers-RAILTON and Co. Regent Street, haberdashers-Raw- SON and Co. Boston, linen-drapers-Rose and Co. Ilford; coal-merchants-Wu:10N and JONES, Stratford, Essex, tallow-chandlers-Annum and TuomAscar. Sedgley, Manches- ter, schoolmistresses-Ssurn and IIIrrcinmsoa, Maidstone, linen-drapers-A. and W. As.raAsm jun. Pinner's Court, Broad Street-T. and T. GILLESPY jun. Miter Street, coal-factors-FoRn and Co. liareholme Mill, Forest of Rosendale, worsted-spinners- FLETCHER and Co. Walsall, ironmongers ; as for as regards H. FLETCHER-RICHARDS and LEADER-MAnERby and RICHARDS. Aberdeen, linen-manufacturers-JENKINS and APKELLAR, White Lion Wharf, Upper Thames Street, coal-merchants-L Acosre and Baowar, Tokenhouse Yard, stock-brokers-heroes and 3 ENKIN, Lawrence Lane, warehousemen-GREEN jun. and Co. Macclesfield, silk-mmufacturers-RAWLINSON and BENTLEY, Liverpool, general brokers-Waite and Sairra, St. Mary Cray, plumbers -IIumeAa a and BAIBIN, AsIoll, button-shank - wakers-Maw and BARRER. Doncaster, mercers.-livi.Ex and Co. Paddington Street, fisbilloegers ; as far as regards E. INGAR- YIELD-C. and A. Essex, Gloucester Street, Clerkettwell, pen-manntlieturers-.l. and. W. ILutott,ivi, llishopsgate Street Without, ntabrella-manufacturers-C RENFRI.L and Co. Penzance, bankers ; as far as regards JAMEs-Gir.r. anti Co., Devon Tin Smelting Company ; as fir as rt•gards Itex Oi.e and As I A EA NI i.e N1 and G It AUTOFF, Mark Lane, nierellants-D xo:-: and Co., Savage (3 artiens-C i Xi:Z.: :tail Co., Oporto-L6 wee.- BERG I11111 CoL, Lawrence Lail..., importers of foreign goods-110aINSoN and Co., Clacks- field Miii Oldham, cotton-spinners; as far as regards 11. Rots INsttx-HormErNsoN and Co., Upper Thames Street, wholesale-druggists ; as far as regards IleANDRAn-Smeru and Sur MEV, Fenchurch Street, wholesale.druggists-SPOTSWOOD and Wnscrs, Darling- ton, mercers-HAsum awl GREEN, Salisbury Square, conunissionsagents-VErrcu and Co,Leith, merchants.


HERON, Jona, and COMER, Lams, Liverpool, tailors, Jan. 3.


HILL, JoHN, Little Pulteney Street, Golden Square, dyer.


BUTT, WILLIAM, Sheerness, linen-draper, to surrender Jan. 6, 10, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Turner, Basing Lane. CALVERLEY, HENRY, Seaton, tanner, Jan. 27, 28, Feb. 14; solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Weather-411, Temple ; and Mr. Taylor, Knaresborough. CARPENTER, JAMES, Wisbeach, linen-draper, Jan. 9, 17, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Cornwall, Thav'e's Inn. CAZENOVE, JOHN, Broad Street Buildings, isailerwriter,Iati. 0,9, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Bourdillon, Austinfriars. COURTENAY. CHARLES BARRON', Robert Street, Adelphi, bookseller, Jan. 6,9, Feb.14: solicitor, Mr. Dawson, Symoturs Inn. DIXON, MATTHEW, Kingston-upon-Hull, corn-dealer, Jan. 9,10, Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Hawkins and Co. -1"ilew Boswell Court ; and Mr. Dryden, Hull.

EDGE, JOSEPH, Derby, mercer and draper, Jan. 21, 23. Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Law and Coates, Piccadilly, Mani-hest-r. ELarox, WILLIAM, Eyre Street Hill, victualler, Jan. 6, 10, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. -Wootton, Tokenhouse Yard.

HALL, Jona, Kingston-upon-Hull, Jan. 9, 10, Feb. 14: solicitors. Messrs. Bogue and Lambert, John Street, Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Priekett and Robinson, 111111.- HARVEY, WILLIAM, sew Birmingham, sword-cutler, Jan. 9, 10, IFeb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. Liueolu's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Tyndall awl Rawlings, Bir- mingham. HINDE, Jona, New Court, Cratchel Friars, wine-merchant, Jan. 6, 10, Feb. 14: soli- citor, Mr. Ogle, Great Winchester Street. HUDSON, Ilmewr, Manchester, timber-merchant, Jan. 23, 25, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Eth-ers, Devonshire Square ; and Mr. Golden, I'all Mall, Manchester. IleosoN, JOHN, Sheffield. table-knife-cutler, Jan. 7, 9. Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Rogers, Devonshire Sqware, Bishopsgate Street ; awl Mr. Ryalls, Sheffield. JENNINGS, Itmear. St. James's Place, Hampstead Road, bricklayer, &AL 9,13, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Davison, Bread Street, MITCHELL, HENRY GEORGE, BerMOIldSCy Wall, wine-merchant, JIM. 6, 10, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Murphy, Castle Alley, Royal Exchange. NOBLE, WILLIAM ALFRED, Devonshire Square, engineer, Jan. 6,10, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Cole, Furnival's Inn.

PITT, RICHARD, Ibstock, innkeeper, Jan. 9, 10, Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Dax and Bicknell, Lincoln's Inn; and Mr. Green, Ashb,y-de-la-Zolich. PLArr, Jothr, Manchester, publican, Jan. 27, tit", Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Adling,- ton and CO. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Morris, Spring Gardens, Manchester. SHAW, ISAAC, Gracechurch Street, cheesemonger, Jan. 6,9, Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. lintchison and Inieson, Crown Court, Threadneedle Street.

THOMPSON, EDWARD, THOMPSON. HENRY, and THOMPSON, THOMAS GEORGE, St. Martin's Lane, linen-drapers, Jan. 6,10, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Turner, Basing Lane. Worm, CHARLES, and POOLE, KENETH, Alichurch Lane, bill-brokers, Jan. 9, 24, Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and }bald, Old Jewry.


Jan. 10, Melanscheg, Strand, fthrier-Jan. 25, Culling,ford, into of Marylebone Lane, victualler-Jan. 7, Ramey, Size Lane, merchant-Jan. 10, T. and R. F. Martin, late of Coleman Street, wool-brokers-Jan. 24, Motley, Arle Mill, Gloucestershire, miller- Jan. 25, Groberty, Newbury, carrier-Jan. 25. Annett, Alnmouth, corn-mt•rchant -Jan. 25, Jenks, Bromyard, tanner-Jan. 25, Moxon and Co. Kingston-upon-Bull, merchants -Jan. 24, Kay, late of Coumires, Yorkshire, saddler-Jan. 24, Baxter. Darlington, banker-Jan. .25, Farrar. Halifax, linen-draper-Jan. 24, R. W. and F. J. Stone. Bath, coach-makers-Jan. 26, Wood, Bolton, banker-Jan. 25, Rogers, Gosport, 1 utcher-Jan. BO, Fogg, Portwood within Brinnington, and Fogg, Manchester, common-brewers-Jan. 24, Poyel, Wimborne Minster, plumber.


To be granted, unless eause be shown to the contrary, on or before January 24. Simmons, Lewes, linen-draper-Lee, late of the Regent's Quadrant, music-seller- Jenkins, Bridgehouse Place, Southwark, coffeehouse-keeper-Brown, St. Mary at Hill. 'wine-merchant-Watson, Regent Street, printseller-Lavrrence and Huggins. late of • Philpot Lane, merchants-Skelton, King Street, Holborn, jeweller-Dennet, Manches- ter, silk-warehonseman-Williams, Trosmuat, miller-Walker, late of Watton Place, Blackfriars Road, stationer.


HENDERSON, WITAMAK, LYON, JONATHAN, and HUNTER, JAMES BLAIR, Edinburgh, see:chants, Jan. 5, 20.

. ALEXANDER,,WRA, DUNCAN, and MBA, Axous, Inverness, cattle-dealers, Jan. 26, Feb. 6.

BOCRYSIGETIR, James Edinburgh, cabinet-maker. San. 11, 26. Tweerme, Jeers, Edinburgh, banker, Jan. 12, Feb. 2.

Friday, January 6.


WHITLOCK and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-New and LEGG, John Street, Adclphi, architects-HALL and SON, BiSilopSgare Street Without, linen-drapers-S. and W. STARKEY, Newgate Market, meat-salesnien-G ireeN Aeon and CHARLTON. Manchester, ealenderers-ALLAwAv and Co. Reading, cabinet•inakers-HAneer aud Co. Brighton, wim-merchants-lloomer and Co. Derby, Chemists-Gammen and CO. COW Lane, West Smithfield, ironmongers; as far as regards J. H. GaRnNER-Loetre and ilicEdaw, Worcester, skinners-T. and J. JouNsoN, Warwick, drapers-Gents awl MILLAR, Glean Alley, Tooley Street, hut-dyers-ALEXANDER unil CO. Gibraltar, awl DUCKWORTH and Co. Malta, commissiowmerchauts-C. and B. Mecum, At tereliffe, Yorkshire, fender-makers-MI neLeros and Co. Brinksway, Cheshire, and MAYOR 11111.1 CO. Manchester, spiuners-GREENWAYS and SiityroN. Warw iek, attoruies-at law- FITZGERALD and ARREND, Upper Gloucester Street, Dorset Square, .Marylebone, boot and shoemakers- BELL and ADANDoNS, Bishop Wearmouth Minus, Durham, ship- builders-JoNEs and Co. Warrington, Lancashire. mercers-Wilco: and WoonRooEFE, Lincoln's Inn, solicitors-Hatuus and Co. Tokenhouse Yard, merchants; as far as re- gards E. R. FOSTER-METCALFE and IlAver jun. Coal Eeelcolge--STEELE antI MAS- SEY, Manchester, coach-proprietors-C. and J. WILITE, Cowaster, stationers-J. and C. VALLANCE, ChippeRhaln, Wilt shire, millers-J. awl 3. Man c, Lymingteu, Hampshire, carpenters-S., J., and J. W. BoVILL, Southampton, thuiteninewhauts -MELLING aud Co. Liverpool, corn-factors-Bee and Sromes,•Bankside, Southwark, coal-merchants- Cox and MASSEY, Gloucester, plumbers-Hmtvey aimit BASTABI,E, Chapel Plata, Ca- vendish Square, wine,merchants-Szurra . and Co. London; as far as regards W. F. REYNOLDS-ATHEW and ROBINSON, Wood Street, halxmlashers-Hawicss and Co. Piccadilly, army-accoutrement-makers; as far as regards T. WALMER-J. and S. HART- LEY, Thornhill Lees, Yorkshire, boat-builders--Wurre and Co. Whitehall Wharf; tim- ber-merchants; as far as regardsJ. BURGESS.


RAINES, DANIEL, St. Martin's Lane, victualler, Jaw 6. BLAercriAmn, EDWARD GILLOTT. Meech-silt-1d, grocer, Jan.6. CHANDLER, SAMUEL, East Baruet, Hertferdshire, victualler, Jan. 5, NUTLEY, LEWIS, Great Newport Street, Long Acre, bout and slate-maker, Jan. 6.

WArrs, Jolla, Soho Square, draper.


RA.MSAY, JAMES, Devouport Street, master-mariner, from Jan. 13 to March 2.

BANKR1.71"ITY sePERSEDED. BRO1VN, HUMPHREY and Hunmumv, Tewkesbury, carriers.


BAYLEY, JOHN, Stockport, cotton-spinner, to surrentlt.r Jan. 23, 25, Feb. 17 : soli- citors, Mr. [tampion, Mandiester ; awl 7,1 es- rs. AttF tw!tat eta Co. Betlferd itow- BRIGGS, WILLIAM, Drypool, grocer. btu. IT. : solicit to, Mr. Seett, Lin- coln's Inn Fields: and Mr. Daw:.:,,n, 131twon'tcrox, DA.NIEL, Liverpool, spirit-merchant, Jan. 30, 31, l'ob. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock and Bunco, King's Bench Walk, Temple ; and Mr. Bardswell, Liverpo d. HeDSON, AVILLLIAL ship Orella, master-mariner, Jan. 10, 17, FA 17 : solicitors, Messrs. V: Met and Co. Strawl. Jolt, Roomer. Not-nal Faleate, jew...11er, San. 9, 17, Felt. 17 : solicitor, Mr. Butler, Angel Court. Throgwartt in stre.4. :foxes, SAMUEL, Boll NI ellots, WILLiA NI. 1:011410:1`r, liuen-drapers, Jan. 10, 17, and Feb. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Tilt ant awl Miller, Old Jewry. JERMYN, ROB Eirr, Matlock, sitepkeepea Yaw 10, 21, Feb. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Ad- liugtou awl Co. Bedford litiw. LEECH, JOHN, Ludgate Hill, tavern-keeper, Jan. 9,17, Feb _i1 solicitor,. Mr. Toad, South Square, Gray's Ina. LcrrItewatto, GEORGF:, ana GREEN, THOMAS, 0111 Bailey, printers, Jan. 9, 11, anti Feb. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Woodhouse and Weston, Ether's Beath Walk, 'Fel:tide. Lr.ovn, laIty, Fore Street, stationer, Jun. 10, 20, Feb. 27: solicitor, Mr. J. J. Tan- ner, New hiasinghiall Street. Mouths, SAMUEL. and ILvanrsom, WILLIAM, Tottenham Court Road, liuen-drapers, Jan. 10, 17, and Feb. 17: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Size Lane,


Jan. 10, Mullett, St. Mary Axe, merchant-Jan. 10, Smith, Laurence Pountney Lane, merchant-Ian. 10, Adonis. Rottingdean, whie-merehant-Jan. 10, M.D. and H. King, Falcon Street. wine-merchant s-Jan. 10, Blakeman. Chigwell, thuber-merchant- Feb. 4, Haynes and Co. Swansea, bankers-Feb. 8, I lenshaw, Liverpool, coach.pro- prietor-Feh. 6, Barrow, Mancl tester, and Geddes, Stockport, commission-agents-1 eb. 1, Fletcher, Abingdon, calpet-mauufacturer.


To be granted, ELIth'SS erfUSC be shown to the contrary, en or before January 27.

Allen and Maitland, Wat chemists-Prentlergrass, Lloyd's Colreedwuse, under- writer--Lever, Ow:el:side, Ma neltester-warehoasentan-Snow, Cevent Garden. grocer- Fry, (I rat Ormond Street and Britlati Street, dettler-Tatchell, Snow Hill, tavern- keeper-Sew ell, Phalle°, stzatle-keel.er-Thorp.,. ghtes-bentler-Cannings, jitn. Bath, caltinet-rnaker-lIewletty, Dept ford, seed-erliSilee--T:, Ohl, Southampton, irournonger-Ely, Swausea, enacinowner-Whiteley, Clerkeawell, stuve-grate manufac- turer-Bone, Greenwich, cabinet-maker-Jones, Liverpool, builder.


HUNTER, JAMES, Ely, Fifeshire, corn-merchant, Jan. 14, 23.