7 JANUARY 1832, Page 17


The Nandi, from Bengal to Liverpool, was seen on the 27th August, in lat. IS N. Ion. 28 E. dismasted and under jury-masts, steering N. W.; it was expected she would reach Sanger without risk. Arrived.—In the Clyde, Jan. 2, Johannah, M'Kellar, from Mauritius. At Bengal, August 15th, Edward Colston, Reynolds, from Liverpool; and Ripley, Hasse, from ditto. At 'Mauritius, October 8, Lady 111`Naghtau, Faith, from London. In the Straits of Sunda, October 1st, Lady Gordon, Barnes, from Liverpool. Sailed.—From Gravesend, December 30th, Elphinstone, Short, for Madras; 31, Jean Graham, Paisley, for Batavia; January 1st, Lady Kennaway, Moncrieff,for Bengal; 2nd, Lady Wellington, Cliff, for Van Diemen's Land; 6th, Countess Dunmore, Salmond, for Mauritius. From Liverpool, December 31st, Addison, Mearcha, for Java Flora, Blair, for Bombay; Cleveland, Havelock, for ditto; and 3rd, Caledonia, Stroywn, for ditto,