7 JANUARY 1832, Page 17


Srocx EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EYENING.—Three per Cents, closed on Satur- day at 841; Exchequer Bills at is. to Ss. prem. ; Belgian Scrip at is. to Ss. prem. A reported decline in the French Funds led on Monday to a correspond- ing decline in the English ; but it was of short continuance, and the closing price was rather better than on Saturday. The announcement on Tuesday of Mr. Maberly's failure, produced a degree of flatness, which was augmented by the continued determination of Russia to delay the recognition of Bel- gium. The depression was prolonged, though not augmented, by' a se- cond fall of the French Funds, and a second failure—that of the partner of a large shipping-house—reported on Wednesday. The transactions, however, have throughout the week been few and unimportant ; and to-day the impression of the Parisian rumours, and of those nearer home, seems wholly worn out, and ,Consols closed at precisely the same quotation as they did on Saturday, S411! ; Ex- chequer Bills are from 7s. to 98. prem. It appears, that though Mr. Rothschild passed the Belgian Scrip on the Parisians at 77, the contract price was only 75; at which price it was brought into the London market. The fact of the contract price being 75, has been accidentally discovered ; and the Paris dealers in se- curities are in great dudgeon. The Scrip remains steady at 4 prem. The de- cline of the revenue has led to almost no comment.


Bank Stock. 192 193

• 3 per Cent. Red. Stli a per Cent. Consols — Consols for Acct. 84 ?; 31 per Cent. New — Long Annuities EL I3ills, 10001. is. 9s. pm. India Bonds 2s. die, to par. India Stock Brazilian 44¢ I Spanish 14 Chalon 17 18 Ditto New 131 i Colombian 118 121


Danish 65i 6

Greek 224 3¢ Balance 140 150 Mexican 34 ¢ Brazilian 44 45

Peruvian — —Columbian —

Portuguese V+ 9 Anglo Mexican,. 14 15

Russian 99 ¢ United Mexican. 5 5¢

SATURDAY Noom—Consols for Account, 84.