7 JANUARY 1832, Page 7

ebe Court.

THEIR Majesties-so the Brighton Court circular assures us-continue to enjoy wunterrupted good -health and spirits. The slit ht cold by which the inhabitants of Windsor were so anxious to prt fit, has en- tirely left the Queen. The King gave a grand dinner on Saturday- the vigil of the New Year ; at which the following distinguished parties were present-

The Duke of Sussex, the Princess Augusta, Prince George of Cambridge, the Princess Louise, the Marchioness of Wellesley, Miss Caton, Mrs. Fitzlaq belt, Duke of Devonshire. Earl and Countess of Errol, Lieutenant-Colonel De Roos. L rd end Lady Falkland, Lady George and the Misses De Roos, Coined and Lady Mmy Fox, Lord De Ross, Lord A. llill, Madile. d'Este, Miss Wynyard, Lord aud I oily Fitzroy Somerset, Mr. and Lady 3ane Las rune: Peel Sir A whew Barnard, Li rd and Lady

Burghers% Lord and Lady Maryborough, Lori A. Beauclerk, Miss on, Sir Her- bert Taylor, Earl of Albemarle, Major and Mrs. Eeppel, Marchioness of Hastings, the Ladies Hastings, Miss Smith', Major-Geueral Upton, the Rev. Mr. Wood.

The King and Queen return to town in February. The Gazette of Friday announces that " His Majesty will hold a Levee at St. James's Palace, on Wedne day the 2-11 of February, and on every succeeding Wednesday till further notice ; and that her Majesty will hold a Drawing-room on Friday the .24th of Ftbruary, the day appointed for the celebration of her Majesty's birth-day to the 15th March, 5th of April, Si! and ilSth of May (this last appointed for the celebra- tion of his Majesty's birth-day), and on the 7th of June."

We shall have Reform robes, and Reform scarfs, at d Reform ribands, and many more new fashions of garments, stuffs, ond colours, and a Reform Drawing-room, we trust, before the 7th June.