7 JANUARY 1843, Page 12


Arrived-At Gravesend. fau.6th, Kilmaurs. Sims, from Batavia.

In the Downs, Jan. 5th, Crest, Oliver, from China; Mary and June' Peche, from Singapore ; and Atlas, Sexton, from Madras; 6th, Cleveland, Motley, from Ceylon; Agnes. Green, from the Cape; Ann, Simpson ; and Honduras, Waller, from Sydney. OR Portsmouth, Jan. 6th, Orynlhia, Rhodes, from Moulmein.

At Liverpool, Jan. 5th, Hindlay, Orierson, from Mauritius; 6th, Patriot King, —; and Currency, Freeman. from Calcutta. At Cork, Dec. 28th, Warlock, Nicol. from Batavia. At St. Helena, Nov. 14th, Isabella Cooper. Itt Kellar, from Calcutta ; Indus, Walker, from Bombay; and John. Davey, from the Cape. At Mauritius, Oct. 5th, Vanguard, Huxwelt, from London; and Gazelle. Braith- waite. from Leith. Sailed-From Gravesend. Jan. 1st, Superb, Houston, for Bombay ; 4th, Countess of Minto, Wishart. for Hong-kong. From Liverpool. Jan. 1st. flotilla. Bushby„ for China; 51, Ingleborough. Rae. for ditto; Margaret Pollock. Pp.; and Parnaon. Coleman, fur Bombay; 3d, Nestor. Mar. miekam, for Calcutta; Argyleshire, 51•Neill; and Ward Chipman. Henderson, for Bombay ; and 6th, Patna. Ponsonby. for China.