7 JANUARY 1843, Page 24



On the 26th December, at Dittisham, Devon, the Lady HENRY Kerre, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Hastings. the Wife of the Rev. F. S. Galenism of a sou. On the 29t1a. at Sussex Square, the Hon. Mrs. JOHN GELLIBRAND Huaavert, of a SOB • On the Slat, at Pleura Castle, the Dutchess of ROISUROHE. of a son.

On the 31st. the Wife of the Rev. C. Lawson, of Richmond. of a daughter. On the 31st, at Frittendeu, the Lady Hanauer Moose, of a daughter.

On the 24 January. in Sussex Gardens. Hyde Park, the Lady of Rourwr BUCHANAN DUNLOP. Esq., of Drumhead. uear Cardross, Dumbartonshire, of a son. On the 3d, at Portland Place, the Hon. Mrs. DEYEREUX, of a son.

On the 3d, at the Castle, Parsoustown. Leland, the Countess of Roue. of a daughter. Ou the &I, iu the Precincts, Canterbury, the Wife of the Rev. Oman WALLACE. of a son.

On the 3d, in Camberwell Grove, Mrs. ROWLAND alsvmr BENNETT. of twin-sous.

On the RI, at Bishop's Tawtou, near Barnstaple. EMMA, Wife of the Rev. Kysle E.A. Money, of a son, still-born.


On the 27th December, at Ticeharst, Sussex, FRANCIS Hefter, eldest son of Authony Rich. Esq., Welbeck Street. Loudon. to FRANCES RICARDA, second daughter; and at the same time, CHARLES E. Haves• eldest son of Charles Newington, Esq., of High- lauds, Sussex. to ELSONORA, third daughter of the Rev. RICHARD WETHERELL, of Pashley House. in thesame county. On the 29th. at St. Mary's. East Barnet, Herts. the Rev. RosearJErrearesSPRANGER, M.A., of Exeter College. Oxford, eldest son of the Rev. Robert Sprenger, D.C.L,, Rector of Low Toyuton, Lincoln, to MART CHARLOTIR, fourth daughter of the Rev. THOMAS HENRY ELWIN, M.A., Rector of East Barnet.

Ou the 3d January, at Colwich, Staffordshire, EDWARD PELHAM BRENTON VON DONOP, Esq., Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. and second son of Baron Von Donop, of %%bell. Westphalia. late of the Kinds German Legion. to Louisa Maar Dutra, second daughter of the late JOHN Reissman, Esq., of Fetcham, Surrey. On the 3d. at All Souls, in Langham Place, RICHARD Ions: Mumma, Esq., second son of Edward Griffith,, Esq., of Newcourt, Hereford, to HARRIET Arms ISABELLA, only daughterofthe late Fowtza Paws. Esq., of Huntingdon Court. in the same comity. Ou the 3d, at DUlle11111111111 Ireland, FREDERICK RICHARD SURTEES, Esq., second sur- viving sou of the late WILLIAM VILLIERS SURTEES, Esq., of Devanshire Place. and Rother House, Botherfield, Sussex, to ANN JANE, eldest daughter of the Hon. and Rev. CHARLES Donor. s. of Earlsgift, in the county of Tyrone. On the 5th, at St. Giles's Church, Tatamvs SMITH, Esq.. of Chillingham•Barns. Northumberland. eldest son of Thomas Smith, Esq.. of Buckton, to Maaoasrr Lucy, eldest daughter of HENRY JOHNSTON, Esq.. of Caroline Street, Bedford Square, and granddaughter, of the late Rev. Hervey Joireson. Vicar of Bywell, Northumberland.


On the 29th December, Joan Gamer, Esq., of Leighton Buzzard ; in his 91st year. On the 3011i, Major-General Sir CHARLES DEACON, K.C.B., of Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire.

On the 1st January. at Dodington, Gloucestershire, the Hon. Lady BETEIELL Con- arsrrosr, Wife of Sir C. B. Codrington, Bart. Ou the 1st. the Rev. GEORGE Castrate, M.A., Rector of Millbrook, and Vicar of Flitwick, Beds; in his 834 year. On the 2d, at Yoxall Lodge, MARY. Wife of the Rev. Thomas Gisborne, Prebendary of Durham ; having nearly completed the fifty-ninth year of their union ; in her 82d year. On tha 3d. at his residence. Judd Street, Brunswick Square, THOMAS Looms° BELLAMY, formerly of the Theatres Royal Covent Garden and Drury Lane; in his 74th. year. On the 3d. at Appleton Manor House, Beres, WALTER ROWLAND, the infant-sou of E. R. Strickland. Esq.

On the 4th, at her sou's residence, in Margaret Street, Cavendish Square,Illwrre. Relict of the late Rev. John Homfray, Rector of Sutton, Norfolk, whom she survived only ten days; in her 65th year.