7 JANUARY 1843, Page 24

Felice Donzella ; Romance pour le Pianoforte, par SIGISMOND TRALBERG.

This is quite Thalbergian. Though not so extravagant in its diffi- culties as some of its race, yet Heaven save our ears from hearing it executed by any amateur player ! What is the use of publishing music which cannot be decently played except by its composer or a few vir- tuosi of the same school ? None at all, one would naturally conclude ; and yet the publishers find it otherwise, if we may judge from the quan- tity of such music P hich issues from the press. It is bought, and what is worse, it is pla3 ed : and can anybody wonder at the opinion, so pre- valent among unmusical people, that a piano-playing lady is one of the greatest nuisances now existing in good society ?