7 JANUARY 1843, Page 24

Songs by CHASES E. Hoax. 1. Highland Nora;" a Ballad;

the Poetry written by Mrs. Caswroao. 2. "My Arab Maid"; a Ballad, the Poetry by the Same. 3. "Dream not of me"; a Ballad.

CHARLES HORN once occupied a large share of public attention as an excellent theatrical singer and an elegant vocal composer, though he is now nearly forgotten in both characters. Ile has long since disap- peared from the stage ; and his pleasing melodies, once heard in every theatre and concert-room, and seen on every pianoforte, are now heard no more. But equally transitory has been the glory of much greater artists than CHARLES HORN.

We took up with pleasure the above songs, as the name of the author revived the memory of past times. But none of them are like MALI- BRAN'S favourite " Through the wood," " Cherry ripe," or " The deep, deep sea." They smell of the lamp, and want the easy flow of Homes melody ; while the defect is not compensated by restless modu- lation, with labaured and sometimes crude accompaniment. One of them, however, "Highland Nora," reminds us of Homes former style: it is a sweet and simple ballad, though neither the music nor the poetry can boast of originality.