7 JANUARY 1843, Page 6

The foreign news is not of importance, but it is

satisfactory, in so far as it is upon the whole pacific. In France, politicians lie .upon their oars, waiting for Monday and the opening of the chambers. In Spain, the Barcelona excitement has nearly sub- Itded. S. GUTTIEREZ, the Political Chief, has been dismissed. e was the principal witness against M. LESSEPS, the French Con- ; and his removal is considered to prevent all misunderstanding h France upon the subject of the alleged intrigues. ,t,. Diplomatists have done some work at Constantinople. The fivrian question is really settled ; the Maronites and Druses being ...owed to choose their own native governors, and the Turkish .;hops being withdrawn from the Lebanon. The Servian question appears to have fallen into abeyance, after some unaccountable ritivance and retrograde movements on the part of Russia ; who is understood to retreat from her demand for the reinstatement of Prince MICHAEL just as France bad signified her adhesion to the Russian side.

We are reminded of the war between Russia and Circaasia, by the rumour of another victory .of the mountaineers over the Im- perial forces. It looks as if the war would become a population contest ; in which Russia must ultimately win, from the power to spend greater numbers on the field of blood than the Caucasians. Our philanthropists manifest a great deal of sympathy for the Poles, whose fate has been settled for years ; but the Circassians, waging war on the same devouring monster, are forgotten. It is sometimes with peoples as with individuals ; we withhold assistance to the living, and bestow a costly tomb on the dead, to celebrate what we would have done had we thought about it in time.