7 JANUARY 1865, Page 27

The Holiday Keepsake. By Peter Parley. (Darton and Hodge.)— A

aeries of pleasant stories, generally in "Peter Parley's" usual style, information being conveyed through a narrative usually fictitious. Peter Parley's success has placed his stories almost beyond criticism, or we might object that he is a little too didactic. Indeed we are not quite sure if children chose their own books, instead of their seniors choosing for them, whether he would be quite so successful, but as it is we have only to say, that to those who like Peter Parley and his work this will be a pleasant gift-book. The only objection we have to raise to it is, that holding up a child by the heels to let the water run out of him (page 108) is not precisely the way to recover a child supposed to have been drowned. The mistake will not, however, diminish a child's interest in the excellently told little story in which it occurs.