7 JANUARY 1865, Page 7

The American war news is nil. General Sherman was still

before Savannah and General Thomas still pursuing Hood towards the Ten- nessee River at Decatur at the last advices. On the 22nd Decem- ber Thomas had crossed the Duck River in pursuit of Hood. The Federals estimate Hood's whole loss in the campaign at 17,000 men, 51 cannon, and 18 general officers, and their own loss at 7,000 men, with two generals slightly wounded. No doubt this is too favourable, but. Hood will scarcely carry half his army across the Tennessee. The Wilmington expedition seemed likely to be delayed by stress of weather. It was off Wilmington on the 21st of December, but, as General Bragg reported, unable to operate. Cape Fear River is the worst place in the world for a winter expedition.