7 JANUARY 1865, Page 8

said that he should die peacefully after " witnessing the

destruction of the enemies of the Holy See," a wish which includes the exter- mination of three-fourths of the human race. On New Year's Day he told General Montebello that he should not cease to pray that God would accord to the Emperor, Empress, and Imperial family all " necessary enlightenment," and on the following day said to his officers, " Who knows how many of you, whose duty it is to un- sheathe the sword in defence of the Holy See, will be the first to abandon it when attacked ?" It is very true no doubt, but also just a little spiteful. The Pope has only now to quarrel with his Cardinals to make the muster-roll of his enemies complete. By the way, suppose a Pope should become fatuous, what would the Con- clave do?