7 JANUARY 1865, Page 8

The Admiralty have received a report from Shanghai of the

total loss of Her Majesty's ship Racehorse on the 4th Novem- ber. The account, which is written by Lieutenant Nicholas of the Insolent, is almost unintelligible, but it appears that the Racehorse was steaming through a smooth sea about five leagues south-east of Chefoo Cape when heavy rollers suddenly set in, breaking over the ship. The masts were cat away, and the ship steamed at full speed for the land, when the wind rising to a gale, the rollers filled the ship, which struck—on what, is not recorded.. The men, who behaved admirably, were ordered to hold on till daylight, but dropped off one by one from the force of the waves and the cold till only the Commander, Captain Boxer, two other officers, and six men were left alive. They wer° picked up by the Insolent. It is to be presumed that the Jioscehorse, while steaming full power before a sudden squall, struck on a rock and turned half over, but that does not amiss( upon the face of the report.