7 JANUARY 1905, Page 10

It is, we think, quite possible that the peace of

the Balkans, never quite stable, may once more be threatened by disturb- ances, or even revolution, in Servia. The King is said to be so harassed by the bitterness of the Opposition, and by the kind of slavery in which he is held by the officers who organised the late revolution, that he threatens to abdicate ; and though he will probably postpone or abandon that idea, it is certain that his difficulties are very serious, and are increased by the preoccupation of both Russia and Austria with internal troubles. The truth seems to be that the crimes which accompanied the recent revolution in Servia have produced cleavages among both the people and the Army which leave the Throne no secure foothold. All classes are sullen and fierce, and the King hardly possesses, or at least is unable to display, the reconstructive ability required by so dangerous a situation. We may hear any day startling news from Belgrade.