7 JULY 1866, Page 1

The Princess Helena was married on Thursday at Windsor to

Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, who has been created a Royal Highness and a Major-General in the Army, but not a Bishop. The only noteworthy incident in the ceremony was that Her Majesty herself gave the bride away, but the scene was in one respect a strange one. All present had just read the announce- ment in the Moniteur, and many must have felt as if marching in lace and jewels to their military execution. There was Prince Frederick of Holstein, the political life of whose family that peace finally ends, the King of the Belgians, whose dominion may yet be required for compensations, the Duke of Edinburgh, whose prospective throne has been swallowed up, the Duke of Cam- bridge, whose sister sinks from the wife of an independent Sovereign to a German peeress, the Saxon and Hanoverian Ministers, whose countries and Courts have ceased to exist, the Austrian Ambassador, just aware of final defeat, the Prussian Ambassador, just realizing that his master is first among Kings, and, finally the Queen her- self, just informed that one daughter is sure of an imperial crown,

conceive, a latent doubt whether after all te betrayal of Denmark had been so clearly wisp. • • • ;• .•. • •: : : and another sure that she will never wear one, and with,