7 JULY 1866, Page 2

Marshal Benedek apparently attributes his defeat in some mea- sure

also to the negligence of inferior officers, as we are told that the Vienna papers announce the trial by court-martial of General Clam- Gallas, commander of the 1st corps of the Northern army,—one of the Generals of the campaign in Italy in 1859,—of Field-Marshal Baron Henikstein, chief of the staff, and of Major-General Kresmanicz. The Austrian people had, we believe, the greatest confidence in Baron Henikstein, a man of plebeian origin and Jewish descent, raised by his own great efficiency and ability to the high post he held. Before the campaign began the Austrians spoke of him as the one conspicuous case in which the red-tape hostility to plebeian promotion had been broken through, to the great advan- tage of the Austrian army.