7 JULY 1866, Page 2

The Morning Post, which often conveys to the world what

the Emperor Napoleon wishes it to believe, published on Friday a statement purporting to be almost official of the French Emperor's views. His Majesty will use his opportunity to summon a Con- gress for the third time, at which he will endeavour to obtain for Prussia " the advantages due to her," strengthen Austria, " which is one of the safeguards of Europe," give Venetia to Italy, and North Schleswig to Denmark. For himself he will claim nothing. "Belgium may sleep tranquilly," and the "dreams of the Rhine exist only in the imaginations of the politicians of English smok- ing-rooms." All that is very nice, but then the writer omits a point or two, namely, how much is " due " to Prussia, how Austria is to be strengthened, and how much Italy is to pay for Venetia. If Count von Bismark, with the breech- loaders behind him, listens to any project of a Congress, instead of settling matters in half an hour with Count Mensdorff, he is a stupider man than we take him to be. The King has only to let war cease, keep what he has, and leave Europe to recognize his acquisitions or refuse recognition, at its own discretion and peril. Napoleon is no longer master of the situation.